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Hemnes pieces to Built In Media Wall

Materials: Hemnes bookshelves, tv unit and glass door cabinet

We were looking for a built in in our basement family room so we chose some pieces from the Hemnes line, spaced them apart and finished the tops, bottoms and spaces in between to make it look like one large unit.

We attached all the pieces to the wall and kept the distance between each the same. A soffit was added above to hide some plumbing and wiring and a large piece of molding was added along the bottom to finish it off. The top of the tv unit was removed and a larger piece was added to account for the wider dimension.

Pine pieces were also added in to the top of the tv unit to match the board and batten pattern in the rest of the room. Some paper on the backs of the cabinets finished off the look.

You can see more of this project on my blog.

~ Christina Katos

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10 Responses to Hemnes pieces to Built In Media Wall

  1. nikilyn says:

    Looks great! I would love to see a picture with books, television, etc. in place. After all the work you put into this project, you should show off the results.

  2. Joel Wisner says:

    I got a Hemnes wall bridge (top) 3 shelf unit because it said it could be mounted to the wall. The instructions show that but the mounting holes are not in line with studs (of any sort – holes are 57 inches apart). Any ideas to mount it securely and still have it be flush with the wall? I’m trying to get a floating effect and feel that Ikea has burned me on this one.

    • Anonymous says:

      I have a similar problem as yours, do the brackets to secure the unit to the wall sit flush to the wall? mine are about 1cm away from the wall because of the protruding top and bottom.

  3. cherade9 says:

    Really good job, so clean and finished. I wonder how long the units will stay looking so perfect for?

  4. Sharlsie says:

    Wow….this is awesome! Great job.

  5. Anonymous says:

    But flos, the feet are encased. Did you scroll down to the final pictures?

  6. Anonymous says:

    this is so cooool~~ became more gorgeous

  7. Jileen says:

    This looks fab! We are working on a similar built in using besta. http://jileenharkins.blogspot.co.uk/2012/03/taking-one-for-team.html

  8. Marie says:

    Nice job, this looks awesome and very built in. I like how the molding behind the TV space echoes the other wall in the room.

  9. Flos says:

    To get a more substantial look, you could expand on your crown molding idea by repeating that treatment at the bottom of the bookcases. Only, this time, you would use a baseboard molding that complements the crown molding at the top. This will encase the feet, visually bring the piece down to the floor and giving it a more solid appearance. Have a great weekend.

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