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EXPEDIT Wardrobe

Materials: 1 EXPEDIT TV storage unit, 1 EXPEDIT Shelving unit (1×4), different shelf inserts, clothes rail

Inspired by two EXPEDIT Hacks (EXPEDIT wardrobe with plants & EXPEDITion Small-Room-Closet) I’ve decided to build my own wardrobe.

First I built the 4×1 EXPEDIT shelf as described in the manual. Laying on the long side, it’s the basis for the EXPEDIT TV Furniture. This one I built pretty much like the manual says, except the bottom and the shelves for the multimedia devices. With a clothes rail and some EXPEDIT inserts, my new wardrobe was ready to store some shoes and coats.

Sorry that I can’t provide one full picture of the wardrobe, my entrance is to narrow.

~ Martin, Bamberg

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Jules Yap

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8 Responses to EXPEDIT Wardrobe

  1. Hi Martin,
    i really like the idea of the combination, but there is a big question mark. How was this screwed together??

    At first you put the Expedia 1×5 as a base, but you don´t use the top board, ok. Then you have some dowel pins upside.

    Now you put the EXPEDIT TV on top of this (open) shelf.
    Did you have to perforate the bottom board of the TV EXPEDIT (to get the dowel pins inside)??

    How did you assemble the side shelfs to geht stability?

    Maybe someone understands what i mean ;-)

    Martin (Bamberg), bitte kontaktiere mich über meinen Blog, da ich eine Frage zum Zusammenbau habe. Danke!

  2. Megan Jones says:

    What a beautiful wardrobe! No one would ever guess that this was not originally meant to be I high end wardrobe. It is so chic and modern. I bet it completely changes the tone of your space. Great job, I can’t wait to see what other hacks you have up your sleeve!

  3. Anonymous says:

    This looks like a great idea for my spare room. I’m a huge fan of the cheap & cheerful Expedit & have hacked several already throughout the house. Good job!

  4. khaki says:

    I submitted a great besta wardrobe with tall wooden legs that looked amazing several weeks ago and didn’t get posted. To top it off, this one makes the cut?

  5. Eva says:

    There’s a tiny mistake in your description:
    It’s a 5×1 EXPEDIT shelf since the TV unit has a 5 case base. No criticism though.

    I love how it turned out, nice and clean. Expecially like the b/w contrast of inserts and shelves. If only the wardrobe would fit my entrance hall but it’s too narrow for the project. Otherwise I’d totally build this!

    To protect the wall you could mount the leftover shelf board to the back in the right hight to keep the hangers from hitting the wall.

    If you wanted more shoes (or other things) to fit in, you could cut the leftover vertical back panel to create “half shelves” (use ikea hackers search in case you don’t know what I mean). Needs some measuring and edge banding tape but you can still use most of the parts that aren’t necessary for your hack.

    Just suggesting – maybe someone is inspired.

    • Martin says:

      Of course it’s a 5×1 EXPEDIT shelf! Thanks for the hint! (counting… I think I missed that lesson in elementary school. ;-)

      Also thanks for your tips with the leftover parts – great ideas!
      I think I’ll cut the leftover shelf board for creating these “half shelves”. So there is no need for edge banding tape.

  6. Sing says:

    Very cool and sleek.

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