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Billy/Benno Cubby Unit

Materials: 6 Billy Bookcases, 2 Benno TV Benches, 18 coat hooks

Description: Build the Benno TV benches, leaving out the drawers.

Build the Billies, flipping all shelves and the top/bottom upside down as you go.

I chose to omit the back panel too. Do not use the shelves in what is now the bottom half of the unit.

Place 3 upside-down Billies on each Benno, anchoring them to the wall. Screw coat hooks into the sides and back wall of each cubby.

~ Melanie Ward, Muskoka, Ontario

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2 Responses to Billy/Benno Cubby Unit

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is exactly what I want to do. Can you please give more detailed instructions, it would be great?

    • Anonymous says:

      Build the bookcases and tv benches using the instructions they come with. The only changes you make at this point is to flip the top, middle and bottom shelves on the Billys upside down (so the holes for the hardware are the oposite direction to the instructions). This is because you will be using the unit upside down (kick plate at the top).
      I didn’t bother building the drawers for the tv benches since I wanted shoe room. But you can always use them for mittens etc.
      Once the units are assembled, place the benches where you want them. Lift the bookcases on top and anchor to the wall using included hardware. I did this on the underside of the middle shelf. Then screw coathooks into the sides of the cubby spaces and into the wall using appropriate hardware. Only put shelves in the top half of the units for storage.
      Hope that helps.

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