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Published on June 19th, 2012 | by Jules Yap


This Hack Could Save Your or Your Kid’s Life

Materials: Any heavier picture frame (Ribba, Fjallsta)

Description: So I finally got around to hanging my large 100cmx70xm FJALLSTA frames. I only had print for one, but I hung them both anyways. As both frames were to be in the master bedroom right above our heads, where also a 13-month old resides at the present time , I didn’t want to leave anything to chance. I bought high quality screw anchors and solid screw hooks to go with them. I drilled the holes, hang the frames.

Two hours later at 6PM, crash boom bang, one frame came crashing down. The metal clip at the back of the frame holding the wire just snapped braking in two. Obviously I was concerned given the position of the frames right above our heads. I was planning to take both frames back the next day. The mistake was not taking down the other frame still hanging. At about 8PM, shortly after my baby boy was put to sleep in that very bed, another crash boom bang. Horrified we ran into the bedroom, finding the other frame just inches from our baby’s head (the first frame fell in the gap between the wall and the bed, this other one fell right on the pillow.

I don’t have to tell you how furious I was (and yes I know it was stupid of me not to hang down the other frame after the first one fell). The next day I went to Ikea’s Bratislava store to return the frames. I asked for the manager, wanting to caution them about an obvious batch defect that I think could warrant a recall (if 2 out of 2 frames fail like this, I say something’s definitely wrong). The first response I got at the returns counter was “who knows what you’ve been doing with it”. Obviously that had sent me into frenzy, considering that piece of crap had just almost crushed my boy’s skull (which didn’t seem to be of special interest to the person), so there wasn’t much rational talk after that. At the end I was told “they would look into it”, and I could tell they “really” meant it. By the way at no point was the manager called. That’s Ikea customer service eastern European style.

Anyway, I needed frames, especially with the large ugly hooks now sticking out of my bedroom’s wall. Ordinarily I would just walk out of the store and never came back, but this is Ikea. And how do you go around ignoring Ikea? Especially in eastern Europe where choices are few and far between. I think it’s generally well known that Ikea’s workmanship, material quality and quality control are truly abysmal, often times just pure crap, but their design is great. Call me stupid, but I went in got another frame. This time a much lighter Ribba frame. The original frame was Fjallsta, a frame made out of actual wood (I’m not kidding, actual wood at Ikea, how about that?), hence pretty heavy. This Ribba frame is made out of genuine trash material that I would not even call fiberboard, more like recycled paper pulp. But hey, it’s lighter.

Obviously I did not want to leave anything to chance, so I devised the following safety measure in a form of a double wire (or string, rather), so that when the official Ikea hook system fails, the frame won’t fall down and kill someone.

What made this secondary attachment easier to do were the metal clips you see in the middle of each side of the frame. Their purpose is to hold the frame with the back board. Why? Because the frame is pure crap, the material is so bad and such poor quality, that it cannot support its own weight. Hence the extra attachment had to be implemented by Ikea or the frame would just collapse into itself like a black hole. By the way, I have another Ribba frame at home, from about 7 years ago. It does not have these supporting clips. Why? Because back then the frame was made from actual fiberboard capable of supporting its weight, unlike the garbage they make it from today. Why does Ikea use garbage as a production material? Because it is cheaper, and cheaper material means lower costs and higher profits, and with the massive volume, they can easily afford a fatality here and there.

One final word: I have 7 other large Fjallsta frames at home bought last year. So far they all hang well. When I was putting together the two new Fjallsta frames, I actually explicitly noticed that the clips that hold the wire were different. They were thinner, flimsier than the old ones, and they were quite hard to slide on the back board. So essentially it comes down to the corporate cretins trying save a 0.01 cents on these clips, at the risk of injuring or even killing you or your family member. It’s a sad world we live in.

~ Brano, Slovakia

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98 Responses to This Hack Could Save Your or Your Kid’s Life

  1. Jeff says:

    My conclusion after attempting to hang the Ikea Ribba poster frame is that:

    1. The frame is a VERY DANGEROUS piece of crap.
    2, The instructions are a piece of crap. In fact, THERE ARE NO HANGING INSTRUCTIONS/HARDWARE INCLUDED WITH THE PRODUCT.

  2. Chris says:

    Happened onto your post after looking at the clips that came with my Ribba frame and thinking they didn’t look too sturdy. Thanks for the fabulous tip! I’m in the USA but visited Bratislava several years back while cruising the Danube. Hope all is well for you in your lovely city.

  3. Rebecca says:

    Wow Anonymous how long have you been working for IKEA?

  4. azra says:

    I bought Ikea ribba frame 70×100 and just put a picture in it- or rather through it, as the frame is poorly made, very loose indeed, that acrylic sheet and the picture come through on one side. I don’t have a receipt as I bought this a while ago and just got round to putting the picture in. On a few attempts to adjust the acrylic, it just cracked in a couple of places. I mean at £16 it won’t break the bank but really, it is faulty and not really fit for purpose. I would not recommend this product at all. It is destined for my recycling bin. The smaller ribba frames I bought before work fine. Ikea is great for some things but not for everything.

  5. Eli says:

    I am very disturbed at these comments! I found this post as I did a search for others with a defective frame from Ikea. I have 3 smaller Ribba frames bought yesterday and today picked one up by the wire to hang and the little metal brackets one one side popped open and the frame fell (from about an inch height so didn’t break). I adjusted the frame so weight would go on another bracket instead and it too popped. I ran and took down the frame I already hung up to find its metal brackets were about to go.

    My experience and this guy’s experience is due to a DEFECTIVE product. Silly comments like a kid running into a coffee table and it not being the table’s fault are condescending and completely off-topic. Point missed. That has nothing to do with this post. These frames are dangerous. And no matter where he hangs them, at least by UK law, he has a reasonable expectation that they will not fall so long as instructions are followed. I am completely at a loss as to why he has been given all this abuse.

    The point is it is a defective product. It is also a danger to children as even my frames were being hung in the living room, away from any beds, and still could have injured anyone in the house. This is unacceptable. There are safety laws in the US and the UK that don’t give being “cheap” and excuse to be defective and dangerous. Wise up.

  6. Mark B says:

    The reason the pictures fell is simple physics. My guess is the Ikea pictogram instructions did not make this clear. Here is a simple demonstration
    1. Get a 6 foot piece of string and tie it to a banister.
    2. Tie a small weight to the middle of the string
    3. Take the loose end and pull it tight.

    Notice that the harder you pull, the more level the string becomes? It takes no force to hold the string with the weight drooping, but the string will probably break before you can pull it completely level. The angle that the string and the weight make compared to level (0 degrees) determines how much tension on the line. Say your frame weighs 5 lb
    If you string it with a 30deg angle you will have 10lb of tension
    If you string it with a 10deg angle you will have 57lb of tension
    if you try to string it with a 1 deg angle (pull the wire tight, then hang the frame) you will have 572lb !!! of tension. Your fix will work fine because it makes a much larger angle, not because it is beefier.

  7. Sam says:

    I agree with some posters that Brano put across more of his anger then he needed to in the OP, but he’s been berated (rather rudely) enough already.

    His points about the quality of some of IKEAs items are valid, cheap or not, and he’s entitled to his opinion based on his experience.

    Safe sleep guidance will tell you not to hang heavy glass items over a crib, while the risk of an earthquake may be small, the chances of your child starting to stand up and reach for things before you realise they can is greater. I don’t any every item of furniture I buy to have a safety warning on it.

    But then again my mum in law warned me about such things since the mirrors in her “quality” (expensive) wardrobe fell on her in the middle of the night, not everyone has the experience to know these things I suppose.

    My little one banged his head on the edge of the coffee table, but it was my fault for letting him play there, not the manufacturer’s fault for not warning me that the edge was sharp.

  8. mary says:

    To all haters over here:
    If picture frames are meant not to hang over our beds, then it should be printed as a warning sign, with capital letters on the package!!!! If not, people all over the world, will continue to to do it, won’t they?
    It’s one thing to like a brand’s products (obviously this is an ikea-friendly site – no problem with that), and another to be blind to such a defect that could have caused injuries to a child
    I would go all the way to a lawsuit

  9. Laurie says:

    You know those shelf safety stabilizers that come with bookcases and other large pieces of furniture? (Think: two screws, some washers, and a 5″ piece of flat twine-ish fabric.) We live in an earthquake zone and attach all bedroom art to the wall with a safety stabilizer before hanging. Just in case. You can take a handful at the IKEA customer service part center for free. Just tell them you moved and need to reattach all your billy bookcases.
    I also have a bunch of great mirrors and other heavy art I will no longer hang over the beds or sofas.

  10. Jules says:

    Comments for this post is now closed.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Oddly enough, I don’t see any unnecessarily angry language in this fellow’s post. What I do sense is a lot of anonymous Ikea shills trying to confuse the real issue, which is the lack of quality control over the junk they sell.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Remember the hack of the year is choosen among the hacks with more comments so you could be looking at the winner.

  13. bonincontrus says:

    obviously you do mind having someone disagree with you. You are aggressive, rude, and demeaning. I couldn’t even finish reading this “hack” due to the manner you present yourself.

    How can I take you, or any of your ideas seriously? First you break cardinal rule #1 not to hang stuff over your baby. No matter where they are from or what quality they are. You are putting style above a child’s safety. Shame! #2 I can’t imagine you handling anything in a decent adult manner and laughed when you gave excuse for your frenzy. No one’s post on this board has endangered you or your family and yet you still act like an ass. What is your excuse now?

    Hey listen, at the very least most intelligent people would know not to cut the end of the cord so close to the knot. It is ironic you calling people peabrained. It will, over time, slip. Especially from the very poor knot tying you did there. Who are you going to blame after that?

    • Anonymous says:

      Sir/madame, you took the words out of my mouth. There are ways to express one’s anger without being a jerk.

    • Anonymous says:

      Exactly – couldn’t have said it better myself.

      I agree with the PP that growing up with such a negative parent could be just as detrimental, if note more so, as that parent’s unbelievable choice to hang frames above the child’s bed.

      Jules seems to like posting these ‘hacks’ (ie hacks that place a child in danger) so I assume it’s her way of increasing page views?

    • Jens says:

      This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    • Anonymous says:

      If hanging a picture above the bed in the master bedroom is considered somehow unsafe, negligent or even out of ordinary, then cuff me.

      • Anon says:

        It is when you’re putting the baby in the bed! Some might even consider co-sleeping at all unsafe and negligent. You want the closeness with your baby, so you risk rolling onto it overnight? Give me a break!

    • Anonymous says:

      @Jens – what a nasty little piece of work you are.

      Jules, you should be deleting his comment. I thought personal abuse was not allowed?

  14. DV says:

    I was going to head out to Ikea later today to buy a picture frame. Now I know not to get this one. Thanks for the warning!

  15. Nicky Noo says:

    Gosh, these comments are ridiculous. The poster found a way to make hanging a frame much safer and had the concern to share it with us all so what is the problem here? Why such venom? She has a right to be angry, the products she bought were defective and dangerous.

  16. Magnus says:

    Ssorry about my English, I hope I can make myself clear.

    This is not only about the hack, it’s also about how Brano answers to all.
    Brano, I understand that it’s your kid’s life that you are talking about and you made your point by saying that your main goal is to prevent more accidents with this simple hack – it can save more than one head – but you don’t need to answer that way to people. If you can use English so well, you can find a way less agressive to express your disagreement.
    It’s awful to me, that came here to understand the hack better, and some of what is written is how to attack a comment without answer it.
    I hope to see more hacks from you because it’s simple things like that extra string that change Ikea things to wau!-things and this is what this site is for. Bye.

    • Jens says:

      From what I can see the only mean responses went to people that attacked him first.

    • Anonymous says:

      Brano you have the right to be agressive for me.
      first, the probleme with your kid.
      seconde, the way your IKEA managed the probleme.

      All frome US or west Europe can’t imagine how hard is the relation between customer and shop in some country.
      This make you really agressive.
      In my country this is the same, the client have to shut up.
      I hope this story will be ear from IKEA’s customer care and maybe they will do something…

  17. Anonymous says:

    Your photo of the Ribba shows the clips positioned close to the top end of the frame. Did you also position the clips at the top end on your malfunctioning Fjällsta frames? I ask because the manual shows a placement of the clips at the middle of the frame.

    • Brano says:

      this is a fair question but pls consider this:

      1. should the relative placement of the clips be of importance, the manual should have emphasized that, as ikea manuals often do when there is a chance of alternative interpretation. their manuals are top notch in this regard.

      2. but more importantly, consider the physics involved. no matter how you look at it the pulling forces at play will be more or less the same (if not identical), so this cannot make a difference. if it did we’re back to point 1. But i don’t think that is the case, think about it.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I had the same thought as several of you: the mounting hooks were used improperly with wire. But, because someone mentioned that the wire comes with the frame, I pulled up Ikea’s instructions online. In fairness to the melodramatic original poster, this is how the instructions show the hooks being used:


    • Brano says:

      melodramatic is the nicest thing anyone’s called me today. thanks buddy. and for the vindicating manual too.

      i’m exhausted from all the replies, this website has the most difficult CAPTCHA i’ve seen in a long time.

      thanks Jules, thanks everyone, be safe!

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks all for the informative ways of how IKEA works – Brano explained several times why their family shops at IKEA, and that they hung the frame according to the manual, and I have noticed myself that IKEA replaces parts of certain items with parts of lesser or flimsier quality that probably save money, and there is no problem with that unless they are unsafe, which is clearly the case here – I would urge someone to pursue this and get this product recalled – it clearly is not safe. The responses by some anonymous reply’s don’t make sense, they seem to be by people affiliated by IKEA and that track the different blogs for IKEA complaints, there are several of these unusual posts on this website (I know companies hire people to do these kind of things, trace blogs, post things on blogs to promote their products, discredit people complaining) and it behooves us to be responsible about what we write and why.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Wow…so many haters on the old comment box this week….is there any need to be so nasty to people?

    They posted a simple solution to a product problem and gave us the background…stop stressing, be happy people!

  20. Take5 says:

    Its really quite sad that your so narrow minded to think that Ikea is trying to kill you with their frames. Actually, its rather pathetic. I hope you at least sent your “complaint” to Ikea corporate so that they are aware of your situation and not ONLY complain at the store, that would be absolutely idiotic. But you probably didn’t since you are so stupid as to hang something so heavy above your baby’s bed to begin with. I’m saddened that I will never know the Darwin award you will eventually earn.

    • Brano says:

      your pea-sized brain is clearly incapable of basic text comprehension. intent vs. negligence…two different terms. but who am i talking to here? a moron. cheers :)

    • bonincontrus says:

      another example of you “not minding” someone disagreeing with you?

      Hey listen, at the very least most intelligent people would know not to cut the end of the cord so close to the knot. It will, over time, slip. Especially from the very poor knot tying you did there. Who are you going to blame after that?

  21. Anonymous says:

    As a general rule, any hardware that comes with my IKEA purchase is replaced with hardware from the local hardware store. I have repeatedly found their fasteners to be too malleable. Better to be safe than sorry!

  22. Anonymous says:

    I don’t understand why anyone would trust the mounting hardware that comes with any frame be it pre-built/made or build your own. ALWAYS assume that the hardware that comes with it will fail and purchase separate mounting hardware appropriate to where you live. (I say that, since someone living in “earthquake country” Southern California will mount frames differently than someone in “Tornado/Hurricane” country, and someone not in any of those will mount frames)

    Poor customer service is inexcusable in any company, I would send an email to the Ikea global corporate office (not the local corporate office)and let them know about the whole situation and what happened at the Ikea when you returned the frames.

    In future you should always assume the hardware from any retailer selling a pre-assembled frame will be using cheap hardware and purchase separate hardware.

    • Brano says:

      i see where you’re coming from, but listen, we’re not talking about screws or screw anchors here. these clips are not the mounting hardware, they are THE product, an integral part of it.

      you’re can’t get a ‘better quality’ version of these clips in a hardware store, they are a part of the frame. skipping them i may as well just build the whole frame myself.

  23. Sherry says:

    I found this very informative. I don’t think she hung them up wrong they were too heavy. No it isn’t a knock off but it is great information. I wouldn’t have bought another frame from them either but I am glad you posted this. Yes, it was a bit long but you told why you had to do it this way. I think you could do a blog. People tell me I write too much it is because we are more into details than some others.

  24. Anonymous says:

    First of all I’m really glad for him that his baby was safe, but I didn’t quite get it either.

    1)The second photo shows that the frame was obviously hung in the way it was NOT supposed to be hung.
    2)In the last 3 “after” photos, it looks even more flimsy and insecure in the way metal parts are mounted and strings/wire? were tied and everything. I’m hoping that it’s not going to be back up on the wall near his little one.
    3)In the bedroom, especially with a little kid, I would never hang a large, heavy, glass-front frame.
    4)The post doesn’t seem to be about any “hack”, but the best hack in this situation would probably be using products like SAXNAS or NYTTJA instead. This is just what these plastic-front frames are for, right? :)

    • Brano says:

      you’re dead wrong. it was hung in accordance with the manual. no other way to hang it.

      if that ‘obviousness’ of yours refers to the fact that the clip has jagged edges on the side that does not support the wire, you have to ask ikea why that is.

      none of my other Fjallsta frame have clips with jagged edges by the way.

      here’s the manual:

      • li says:

        I feel so sorry for you. You’ve had to tell these idiots 500 times that you have hung it according to the manual.. no one bothers to read anything. I’ve read all these comments and you have to keep repeating yourself. I stumbled on to this hack by mistake but I think its useful and definitely important to know. Brano, some people are just truly cruel and stupid for assuming without even reading the entire contents of you following instructions to a T. Bravo for standing up for yourself and to heck with the mean haters on here… I love Ikea but I too know a lot of the stuff is junk but I buy the things I do like and get the rest at other stores.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Hung incorrectly, end of story. You can’t blame IKEA for that, unless they stated in their mounting instructions that you can wire them up like that whixh I highly doubt. But it looks pretty obvious that they’re meant to be hung directly on screws in the wall….

  26. Anonymous says:

    It’s maybe not a hack but it’s a realy important information from a customer. Some post from some kind of “Anonymous” make me fell sick.
    like a “shop” is ok but just think is it just so perfect that they never do stupide think is wrong for me.
    Just shack ikea’s probleme in france and you will see the back side of Ikea.
    For me, some “Anonymous” in this website have a blue and yellow ID card around the neck to post stupid post like this.
    Like IKEA is not a reson to protect it like that.
    And trust me, i like IKEA.

  27. Maria says:

    I’m sorry but I definitely don’t consider this a hack, more of a rant at IKEA. I’m sure there’s plenty of other websites/forums where this would’ve been better received.

    Can the owner of this page please start vetting these before they get posted? It’s a complete waste of everyone’s time to go through a never ending post only to find there’s no actual hack to be found anywhere!

    Other than that – keep the REAL hacks coming, I love most of them to bits! :)

    • Brano says:

      good job sherlock. you bet it’s a rant. but you’re free not to read it.

      trust you do understand that this website is probably not custom tailored to what YOU personally perceive as useful or interesting. clearly enough people found it of use.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well the site is called ikeahackers not ikeahaters, right? Regardless of how much you hate ikea for the reasons you’ve described you have no justification for being a total ass against fellow readers in the comments section. Site mods, please mod Brano!

  28. Pour Girl says:

    I was given the wrong couch covers and the Ikea store I purchased them from refused to let me return them. My roommate did a bit of research and managed to find the email of someone at a corporate office. They called me back within 24 hours and handled everything. While I love the cheap prices and great selection of Ikea I hate, hate, hate their customer service.

    I understand not having much options when it comes to where you shop. I hope this frame stays up :)

    • Brano says:

      thanks Pour Girl, glad to hear you got your covers exchanged.

      maybe i should have emphasized that i DID get my money back instantly and essentially with no questions asked, in case i wasn’t clear on that.

      the problem arose when i wanted to make it into a safety issue. i’m no philanthropist but i’d feel bad if someone else got hurt without me at least trying to do something about it.

  29. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know…sure, this sucks, but I agree, this whole post seems ridiculous – if you really hate Ikea so much, why did you KEEP shopping there after this happened?

    As for Ikea’s quality, sure, it’s not the greatest, but you get what you pay for. However, we recently moved and have furnished an entire house, a lot with Ikea, but quite a few pieces from other stores as well. Some in a similar price range as Ikea, some higher. And with Ikea, we had by far the least quality issues. BY FAR. We also didn’t have any problems reassemling older Ikea furniture that had been moved and put into storage for a couple years, whereas something from another store, also moved and put into storage, then moved out again, just fell apart in our hands while we tried to put it back together (that was just one piece, but still).

    Of course that is just one experience. But judging from friends’ experiences with Ikea and other furniture stores, I just have to come to the conclusion that Ikea, while certainly far from perfect, is worth what you pay for and more. Which is something I certainly can’t say about some other furniture stores in my country (Germany), some of them much pricier than Ikea.

  30. Anonymous says:

    This post just makes me mad.. Someone who doesn’t like IKEA shops there.. Need I say more? I agree with the post above .. Would of been easier if u just screwed into the wall.. ESP with it being a glass made front in a kids room.. For extra reassurance that it would by fall down.. IKEA are a global company and all the products don’t come from one warehouse.. There is a pipeline the products go through which involves many different suppliers.. Depending on where the store is located.. Therefore if u have queries/complaints about specific bits on products.. It’s best to point out because the store may not be aware that it has changed supplier and there may be a quality issue with it.. Obviously you didn’t get good customer service on the day which is inexcusable.. Though attacking the global IKEA brand based on lies and assumptions is laughable.. IKEA do their best to highlight What products are made out of.. If u wanting proper wood products they are generally like anywhere else you would buy them from a little more expensive.. But even the fibreboard products are great quality, sustainable (from the point if IKEA used 100% wood in all products am sure u Wud be the first to complain bout the amount of trees they are chopping down) and cheap

  31. Anonymous says:

    did it ever occur to you that you’re hanging the frame wrong…? those brackets are made for hanging directly onto two screws in the wall… not by using a wire..

    • Anonymous says:

      LOL this!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Nope, the brackets were installed correctly, and come including the wire.

    • Anonymous says:

      “did it ever occur to you that you’re hanging the frame wrong…? those brackets are made for hanging directly onto two screws in the wall… not by using a wire..”

      Yep, exactly. It’s rather frightening that some people seem to fail to see that.

    • Brano says:

      “did it ever occur to you that you’re hanging the frame wrong…? those brackets are made for hanging directly onto two screws in the wall… not by using a wire”

      genius, it did not occur to me, as otherwise i would have to wonder why they included the wire. the only reason i’m responding to your silly comment is because you clearly may pose danger to yourself. be careful, read the manuals, don’t ever assume anything. peace.

  32. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been shopping from Ikea since the early 80′s and I have to say that when they started outsourcing to China, the quality and consistency of the materials has deteriorated to the point where you have to be very careful what you purchase under the Ikea brand.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps you got bad customer service because you went into a “frenzy”. I wouldn’t want to help you either.

  34. Beate says:

    Thanks for the post. Good to know the whole story. This is life. Thanks Jules for NOT shorten our posts. Live and let live.

    • Brano says:

      thank you Beate, and indeed thank you Jules! she in fact did not shorten it at all, even though i was expecting it, realizing it was a bit harsh and even potentially controversial. i’m glad this is a trully independent website with a brain, and not a silly fanboy club (although some of the remarks in the forum would suggest otherwise).

      thank you JULES.

      but look people, i had no incentive to tell you about this other than the fact that i’d feel real bad if somebody out there got hurt (or worse) when I could have cautioned at least a few people out there. as i have. take what you want out of it.

      thanks for all the positive comments.

  35. AML says:

    I have heard a lot about Ikea’s products, and I have heard a lot of good reviews. I do appreciate that you had been honest on your blog.Who would want a defective product?Thanks for posting this.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for posting this. I like some of Ikea’s products a lot, but with some they do not take safety seriously enough. Their U.S. customer service can be really bad too.

  37. Anonymous says:

    There was another Ribba hack you might be interested in: http://www.ikeahackers.net/2011/12/reinforced-ribba.html

  38. nurseknits says:

    thank you for posting. you may well have saved some one heart ache and pain.bravo for coming up with a solution.

  39. mydecoreview says:

    Just can’t imagine something like that happened with an ikea product.

  40. Anonymous says:

    Let me understand this.. you have a problem with the Fjallsta frame and your solution is to “fix” the Ribba frame? Kinda silly.

    You could have said the following in one paragraph: don’t buy the Fjallsta, get the lighter Ribba and attach a string between the brackets that are holding the back panel in place.

    • Brano says:

      yes, i’m sure Ribba frames are totaly safe. in spite of having the same hanging setup. in fact the same, identical clips. i’m sure they’re top notch.

      i just don’t want to bet my kid’s head on it.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Your last paragraph is all about how the fact that they use poor materials to cut down on costs. If you really hate that so much, why didnt you spend a little more and get a quality material frame?

    Obviously, because you shop there so much, you know that is the appeal of ikea, dont EXPECT the best from the cheapest. Ikea is cheap, I like their designs and what you can do with it…but its still cheap.

    However, all your complaints on customer service are valid, they should have profusely apologized and gave you a refund, they might not have pulled the stock, but you would have done the best you could, sometimes employees cant make those calls, even managers.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’d like to point out they easily could of have pulled the stock. I work for the recovery department of an IKEA in Canada, and we have a quality control that allows any returns cashiers to submit a quality report if they have suspicions, and the reports are followed up with managers who are in 5/7 days of the week. Regardless I don’t know if the process if different in Eastern Europe, but this is still just inexcusable.

    • Brano says:

      what in god’s name are you talking about? listen to yourself. cheap is no excuse for life endangering! when cheap becomes dangerous, it’s no longer cheap, it’s defective.

  42. Anonymous says:

    also not hanging a huge [email protected]# painting over you baby’s crib could be a good hack

  43. Anonymous says:

    Why even bother shopping at IKEA or hacking their products if you think they’re made so poorly and you hate the store so much? This is a small, simple hack with a huge, angry complaint attached.

    • Brano says:

      indeed a small simple hack, which – as the title suggest – can make a huge difference.

      and yes, the complaint was angry, forgive me for that, i’ll try to exercise better self-control next time someone’s greed and negligence endangers my child’s life.


  44. Anonymous says:

    Haopened to us, frames purchased from Manchester UK. Hit the floor so hard it tore the carpet. Thankfully my son was outside. Store not interested, good hack, hope it encourages people to check and fix their frames.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Jules are you vetting these at all anymore? There may be good info in this post but the bad language is masking it. You could have cut this down to 2 paragraphs and got the safety and the hacking point across.

    and brano if you hate ikea so much don’t shop there. Order in from elsewhere and pay more for the quality like touch should

  46. Anonymous says:

    Jules are you vetting these at all anymore? There may be good info in this post but the bad language is masking it. You could have cut this down to 2 paragraphs and got the safety and the hacking point across.

    and brano if you hate ikea so much don’t shop there. Order in from elsewhere and pay more for the quality like touch should

  47. Anonymous says:

    Contact IKEA corporate office in Slovakia.

    We had an issue where our Karlstad sofa was delivered damaged and after receiving no response from the store for over a week, I tweeted pictures of my damaged sofa @IKEACanada on Twitter. The store manager called within 24 hours to set up a date for pick up and delivery of a new sofa.

  48. Anonymous says:

    You seem to shop at IKEA a lot for someone who dislikes it so much.

  49. Anonymous says:

    All that talk just to add an extra string to the pre-existing brackets?

    • G.V.M. says:

      The original clips appear to be torn away at the bottom or completely, by the pulling force of the wire attached (apparantly) in between. They are, to my best knowledge, meant to carry the weight in the opposite direction, without a wire: the jagged little edge is supposed to rest directly on a screw/bolt in the wall.

      As a dad, I can sympathize with your feelings. And I concur that Ikea often has flimsy products – though I also still use them, because they are cheap, and hackable.

      But it seems to me you might have made a wrong decision in the way you hung them to start with. In which case you would have to face the ugly truth that you might have put your son and yourself) in danger yourself.

    • Brano says:

      you’re right about the jagged edge, wrong on everything else. where do you think i got the wire? the frame was hung exactly the way the manual said.

      finding two clips and a wire when unwrapping the frame did not suggest too many alternative ways of hanging it, but i did check the manual after it fell. yup, all good on my part.

      what have you got to say now?

    • adin says:

      G.V.M. will have to speak for himself/herself but to me you come off as an aggressive, quite mean spirited person. Keeping that up might be more detrimental to a child’s development than a few crashing picture frames…

    • Anonymous says:

      G.V.M. the frame does indeed appear to he hung correctly. The photo of the broken clips was clearly taken with the frame on its side which means that the jaggies point to the side and outward. That makes no sense as they have no purpose then but it goes to show they are not meant for this frame. At the same time with the clip being the design it is its impossible to possition it any other way. The manual pasted in this forum several times proves the frame was hung correctly. Ikea failed on this one.

    • Brano says:


      yes I’m a mean spirited bad ass. is it your contention that the frames failed on me because of that?

    • Sandra says:

      I purchased eight large picture frames at IKEA a few months ago and my friend who is the “expert” hung them. It took a while but one crashed down on my sofa——-glass everywhere. Luckily, no person was on the sofa.
      The problem is the metal piece supporting the wire came UNGLUED. The wire came in the package with the frame. I removed all the other frames just in time because the second one was just ready to fall. These are dangerous!! Be careful when you purchase
      So far IKEA has done nothing to help me whatsoever because it’s over their time limit for returns. How did I know the frame was going to fall off the wall past the deadline for returns?

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