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Slim desk

Materials: Malm Occasional Table in White, Vika Annefors Table leg with storage in white, Rubbermaid shelf in white (12″*36″), drawer glides (14″), “L” brackets (5), wood screws, drill

Description: I was looking for the perfect size desk for our spare room. We had the Vika Almon with some legs but it was too large and cumbersome for the space. I spent some time looking at hacks, nothing really worked with what we were looking for, so we made our own.

A Malm Occasional Table with some shelf space and a keyboard tray on glides to provide a bit of extra room when being used.

1. Assemble the Malm Occasional Table – omit the casters.

2. (now we did ours a little backwards and regretted it but here is how it should be done) Take the top of the Vika table, a piece of paper the same size (we used the paper it was wrapped with), a dowel, a screw and some tape; tape the paper ever so lightly, just enough so it doesn’t move, take a dowel, puncture holes where the dowels are supposed to go, same with the screws. Now gently remove the tape and transfer the paper to the Malm table (sitting upside down), make sure the the holes are facing the way you want the Vika table to be assembled under the Malm table. Tape it with the same care. Take a drill, make sure you use the right bit for the size of the hole, make all the screw holes then all the dowel holes, you essentially only want to puncture the top and that will be enough.

3. Assemble the Vika table as per the instructions using the new holes as the top and stopping *before* you put the bottom on. Now affix to 2 L brackets to the bottom portion that will go against the Malm Table. Put on the bottom as per instruction. Affix the other side of L bracket to the Malm Table.

4. Put together the drawer portion using one side of the Malm Table and the rest of the L brackets on the other side.

Turn over, (put bit just scraps under the non supported part of the Vika table, we’ll get something permanent later on), enjoy!

The stool is the Nils Stool in Dillne Gray/Beige

~ Tee, Alberta, Canada

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Jules Yap

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15 Responses to Slim desk

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey can you post more pictures on how to make the keyboard, I don’t understand. Great idea! I want to do it too but more pictures please!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Can you explain in more details on how you secure the drawer glides to the desk using the L brackets?

  3. evilnate says:

    it is hollow, that i can sign on…gonna buy a new one today..sigh :P

  4. NLW says:

    Is the Malm hollow like the Vika Amon table tops? If so, can you explain what kind of screws or anchors you used for the keyboard tray? Thanks!!

  5. Hoki21 says:

    Hey awesome work! Is it possible to provide more details on how you put the drawer portion onto the desk? Especially how you used the L brackets. I’m trying to wrap my head around this one. Thanks!

  6. Unknown says:

    More picture would really be helpful! This is great stuff!!

  7. Tracy says:

    +1 for more pictures – looks great, but I’m having a hard time following your instructions as to how the shelf leg attaches to the table.

  8. jdeads says:

    I was wondering if you could describe the dowels and screw holes a little more in detail or maybe post some pics of the process. Where do the dowels go and what are they for? I’m assuming that you just leave the top off of the Vika Annefors, and use the existing dowel holes to hold it in place to the top of the Malm, plus use L brackets to secure it better?

  9. Alsatia says:

    The finished product looks awesome!

    +1 to Guillaume’s request for additional photos.

  10. Guillaume says:

    Hey! Great site, awesome job!
    You should totally add some pictures to explain the process if you can, because not everyone of your followers is english based, and maybe some pics could help us understanding better your work. (:

  11. Unknown says:

    Would you be able to provide more details on the keyboard shelf? That seems interesting and I can’t suss it out in my head…

  12. t says:

    Peter – the keyboard tray is made from a 12X36 rubbermaid shelf from Home Depot, with 12in drawer glides and a few L brackets.

    Katie – I can take more and email them if you give me your email.

  13. Chubby Katie says:

    Looks great, perfect for our small guest bedroom. Do you have any more pictures.

  14. Peter says:

    Love this! Where did you get the keyboard tray from? have been looking for something similar for my hack…but everything has been so expensive :-/

  15. Cécile says:

    This is great, I love it.

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