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Published on June 29th, 2012 | by Jules Yap


Refurbishing my Ikea lamps

Materials: Ikea lamp, spray paint, ikea fabric, masking tape, recycle paper

Description: I bought a pair of these lamps from Ikea about 5 years ago I think, when I first planned to move into our new home.

They were cream in colour, and really nice. Fits the ambiance I planned for my hall. Well, it still does, except that now the creamy porcelain base has gray marks from all the dusts, and some chipped surface from scrubbing the dust off the base. The lamp shade has yellow ageing spots. Ugh!!!

1) Bought a can of spray paint in baby blue. I wanted teal, but the shop only had this one blue colour and I kinda liked this blue, so I bought it.

2) Unscrew the bulbs, separate the shade from the base – basically unscrew whatever that can be removed or separated.

3) I use masking tape and lots of recycled paper to cover the wire and the metal & plastic parts (those that is there to hold the bulbs and the shades. The idea is to cover parts where you don’t want paint on.

Because the base of the lamp has holes in them, I taped paper inside the base so that the paint won’t go in (it is hollow there and you can get to it from the bottom). There’s a place for a bulb there too!

4) Then, this is the fun part. Spray two coats of paint on the base. I left it overnight to make sure it is truly dry (I’m just like that).

5) Then, for the shade – fun and sticky. This is where I took out my Fabric Mod Podge and some leftover Ikea fabric. I simply measure around the shade, cut out 2 pieces of fabric (because they are leftovers, I don’t have just one piece that fits around). Brush mod podge on the shade and glue the fabric on. I made sure that the fabric on the outside is slightly wider (about 1.5cm both sides) than the shade, so that I can turn it over and glue them to the insides of the shades

That’s really about it.

See more of the refurbished lamp.

~ Grace

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6 Responses to Refurbishing my Ikea lamps

  1. Arguments aside, I think she did a pretty decent job refurbishing the lamp shade. Sure she wasn’t the first to do it, but at least you can appreciate the effort she put into it.

  2. Treay says:

    I think it is sad that you have needed to insult Grace and question her originality and motives. It is unlikely that she knew of the hack you referred to, anyway. Why do you feel the need to be so negative? Thank you, Grace, for sharing your revamp.

  3. Tira-Mi-Su's Friend says:

    @ Anonymous: Ooooh pooooo! It’s really childish to post such a aggressiv commentar as a “Anonymous”. You can say that you are a friend of Grace or Grace herself. That would be fair. But fairness doese’t seems to be your or Graces thing!

    To be honest: I do not think that is an Ikea lamp. I know there a little. Just 5 years ago I was nearly every day in the swedish Furniturehouse. Why does Grace not simply give the name of this lamp? She has never done that even bother to mention the name of the fabric (FREDRIKA). Bad job!

    Even if she painted all the holes with difficulty – the new color of the lamp doesn’t fit with the fabric. Maybe she better use a other color for the lamp with fits to the fabric. Or select a different fabric. Was this just on sale?

    I think the result looks totally “crap” out. In the Lampt of monybloggt matches more everything. Style, color, everything! Yes, she has less work to just a much, much better result. And this is a skill! No skill is to invest long term for something that looks so bad afterwards.

    If you ask me, here it was “Grace” just about to get new users on their blog. And she’s really brazen to spend her work as a hack, namely that it is not!

    Best regards to anonymous and grace, maybe some day you became a creative adult!

  4. Tira-Mi-Su says:

    Sorry, but you weren’t the first!
    Another blogger even covered the lamp with the same fabric (FREDRIKA by IKEA):

    By the way, she definitely was much quicker than you! ;)

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh poo, tira-mi-su. Like you’re the most original person on the planet? Your passive aggressive, childish comment is not needed.

      To be honest, I think Grace did a much better job, which is probably why it took her longer (she painted it… connect the dots).

      Well done Grace!

    • Tira-Mi-Su says:

      With ‘quicker’ I meant the other blogger posted it about a year ago ;)
      Sorry for having been honest with Grace! Didn’t wanted to hurt her. Really!

      I never claimed to be the most original person in the world (because I’m surely not) but I thought it would be right to mention, that Grace wasn’t the first one with that special covering idea.

      Besides that (not revolutional) use of fabric, I think this lamp looks quite nice in the end :)

      PEACE! ;)

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