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Living room built-in bookshelves and closets using BESTA shelves and PAX wardrobes

Materials: BESTA shelf and PAX wardrobe

Description: We had a largely unused wall in our living room and a mishmash of shelves and storage. We wanted something clean and integrated and a post of Centsational Girl provided the inspiration.

Our project took about 15-20 hours (a few hours here and there over the course of a week).

The space was 106″ long which was perfect for 2 – 39″ wide Pax wardrobes, 2 – 47″ wide BESTA shelves and 1 – 23″ wide BESTA shelf. We had to leave a little room because of the location of our return air grille.

We assembled the BESTA shelves first, and had to prop them up by about 4.5″ so that the 5.5″ baseboards we were using would just cover the bottom of the shelf. We built a base using 2x4s and 1x4s. The BESTA feet can be adjusted to level the shelves and provided a little bit of adjustability to get the height just right.

Then we assembled the PAX wardrobes. We used 1×6 material (which happens to be 5.5″ wide) to create a base and screwed that to the bottom of the PAX. This made it so the 5.5″ baseboards would perfectly fit underneath the doors, which cover the bottom of the pax. We also painted the flimsy backs of the PAX and BESTA units a light blue.

We screwed everything together and attached to the wall and added the baseboards.

See more of the Besta and Pax shelving.

~ Chris

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9 Responses to Living room built-in bookshelves and closets using BESTA shelves and PAX wardrobes

  1. Robert West says:

    I like how some of us in furniture stores in los angeles are exploring to different stuff like this one. Paintings at bookshelves and maybe adding up artworks on it are my next target for my furniture project.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow that looks so cool. That fits perfectly.

  3. Katey Lady says:

    Chris- maybe you could cover the gap if you used a louvered shutter at the bottom there? I also remember the radiator covers my grandfather made at their old house- they had a decorative metal mesh.

    Are those can lights in the ceiling? I think the gap to the ceiling bothers me more than the one to the side- it just looks like a dust trap.

    I do love it, though. Modern homes are often lacking in architectual detailing- adding a ‘built in’ is so practical, and adds style without seeming like it takes up any space at all.

  4. justina says:

    I like it, but I would have added a bit of a plywood frame to the one on the left to fill the gap. That’s just me. Great work!!

    • Chris says:

      Hi justina,

      There is a gap to the left because there is a return air vent right there. The gap is about 7 inches and about half of the vent is beyond the front of the PAX. We eventually plan to put some shelves in that area while still providing enough space for proper air flow to the HVAC return, but haven’t gotten around to it yet.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely awesome!

  6. Anonymous says:

    looks great

  7. Kamianta says:

    Saved for future renovations :) Thanks %)

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