Published on June 8th, 2012 | by Jules Yap


EXPEDIT wine bottle rack

Materials: EXPEDIT, EKBY LAIVA, saw

Description: Cut an EKBY LAIVA shelf to 18″ in length, then slide it into the EXPEDIT square to make wedge spaces for stacking wine bottles. Slide the shelf into the square so it’s about 2-3″ from the front face of the EXPEDIT, so only the neck of the wine bottles are beyond the shelf. It works great!

~ Sonicmoon, Orange County, CA, USA

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8 Responses to EXPEDIT wine bottle rack

  1. sonicmoon says:

    most wine is bottled with cork stops.. that’s also my experience.

  2. sonicmoon says:

    @wade the bottles don’t slide at all, even if the shelf is bumped. The whole expedit unit is anchored to the wall using L brackets for earthquake issues. Wine bottles are best stored on their side to prevent settling and drying out of the cork when not in contact with the wine.

  3. Thats a nice way of stacking the wine bottles.
    But i know an amazing piece from a furniture brand from my hometown ~ Boca do Lobo’s Equator ~ http://www.bocadolobo.com/coolors/equator.html

    What do you think of that?

  4. Laura says:

    super nice idea!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Most wines don’t use cork any more.

    • Anonymous says:

      When was the last time you bought wine? :) We buy about 1-2 cases a week (we entertain a LOT). While a lot of wines are going to screw tops, most wine you’d keep stored is still being bottled with cork.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Tilt a wine bottle and let the cork dry out. Just brilliant!

  7. wade says:

    I really like that wine bottle rack, but I’m wondering how easy it is for the bottles to slide out? I would suggest angling the bottom so the bottles are tipped up. That would make it less likely to slide out if a someone bumps the shelf.

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