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Published on June 30th, 2012 | by Jules Yap


Bathtub nursing table

Materials: Sundvik nursing table, saw, screws and screwdriver

Description: Even though we have a large bathroom we really didn’t have space to place an ordinary nursing table for our daughter in it. I wanted to place one on our bathtub but couldn’t find one that would fit since the tub is 80 cm wide (instead of 70 cm “standard” measurement). Solution?

Take a Sundvik nursing table from IKEA, saw off the legs just below the second shelf (from the top) and place it on said bathtub! To prevent the nursing table from sliding over the edge, screw two of the dismembered legs to the underside of the bottom shelf. Plenty of storage space and the height is exactly the same as the original nursing table. We love it!

~ Christel Gade Licznerski, Stockholm

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27 Responses to Bathtub nursing table

  1. MissBean says:

    If you get too worried about the movement, or if you just want a bit of protection so the bath tub doesn’t get scratched, you can always put some miracle grip between the change table and the legs.

    White would match. :) It’s fairly mold resistant. I don’t know what other brand names it goes under. I use this under our couches, which used to slide all over our tiled floor. My partner and I like to flop on our couches, and we’re quite heavy, but a little bit under each of the legs stops the slide :)

    I personally think it’s a great hack. I normally change my daughter on the floor as we don’t have room for a change table, but I think this would have worked wonderfully, and I don’t think it would be any less safe as long as you’re a reasonable parent :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    This American things it looks awesome. But I have never heard it called a nursing table. We call them changing tables. Also do you get in the tub to change them? It has a board under it to keep it from slipping if you look closely at the pictures. No one with half a brain would put a child on this and walk away. That is pretty much a given.

  3. Christel says:

    Hahaha!!! Soo funny reading all your comments! Our daughter is two months old and never left alone on the nursing table – ever! Yes, we do have heating in our house since we would otherwise freeze to death in the winter (and spring AND autumn!) – this being Sweden as someone correctly pointed out. In my humble opinion (being the designer) this nursing table is no more unsafe than other nursing tables. As someone also pointed out there are two wide cleats (if that’s what it’s called) underneath the bottom shelf. The table doesn’t move an inch even when shaken by me or my husband. OK, you can slide it sideways on the tub but I don’t see the problem there… I’m counting on using it until she is maybe 6-8 months and then moving down on the floor. But for now it is very practical and saves us a lot of back pain…! I would not like to have a changing table in any other room since I want to be close to water when changing. Baby wipes simply doesn’t do the job…! Rest assured that our babys safety always is the most important thing for us! :-)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Its a great idea – in fact in Australia you can buy purpose made tables like this from companies/baby stores- and they also have a baby bath in them, to go over your existing bath.

    • Christel says:

      I agree about the good idea! You can buy purpose made tables like this here in Sweden also, but our bathtub is 80 cm wide and the only ready made nursing tables I could find was for bathtubs 70 cm wide – hence the hack!

  5. Anonymous says:

    It’s a good idea. For me it is not dangerous because children should not be left alone on any type of nursering table, the important thing is that it is well anchored

  6. Anonymous says:

    Dear Christel,

    we have pretty much the same system (my Dad made it), and if you look close it is as save as any other changing system. Our daughter is 14 month now and the table never dangled or even moved a centimeter. And you are right, its is very convenient when you are changing dippers and having warm water for bigger issues. After some month we needed more space and we put another shelf on the tub (with the same “security” system on the bottom) in order to have some more room for cloths and so on. Enjoy the time with your baby!

  7. Claire says:

    Of course it’s unsafe, like ANY nursing table, whether in a bathroom or in a bedroom or anywhere else, and of course no one should leave a kid alone on a nursing table… I have a similar system but less elevated, just a board with the ‘heels’ below and the padded mat for comfort, and yes, I have to pin down the squirmy 1 y.o. to change him. I’d just suggest some sandpaper action on the cut feet, and also some varnish if your bathroom gets humid.

  8. MacMama says:

    Looks very unsafe, pretty thoug, but unsafe…

  9. Anonymous says:

    I just had to read the comments as I knew there would be some like this. Please, give people SOME credit for being able to look after their own children.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes. Guilty pleasure to read the “it’s not safe for the baby!!!” comments.

    • Zulaya says:

      Yeah, I click all the baby ones just out of some morbid fascination about all the people convinced they care more for your child than you do, or know more about your house than you do. I was most amused by the central heating question. Yup, this hack will cause your baby to freeze to death!

      However, I do want to say it’s nice that people care so much about children, and I suppose there’s always a chance someone hasn’t thought of an issue. I find expedit hacks tend to have more safety issues than baby hacks, though, because people forget the whole “it’s just cardboard” problem.

    • Anonymous says:

      I read these for the same reason! Ha!

    • Anonymous says:

      Me too!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Same for me. Plus one for the comment readers!

      Now I see why we have so many safety recalls and ridiculous laws in this country, apperantly to save people who lack common sense from themselves. I am sure as a baby I was changed under far more precarious circumstances.

    • Claire says:

      I learn all my baby safety tips from blog comments!

    • Emma says:

      I just can’t stop myself from reading them!!
      Pet hacks are almost as good.
      This hack actually seems pretty safe, by the time your kid is big enough to rock a huge change table, with a pretty low center of gravity, they’re big enough to know better.

  10. I think having this bathtub nursing table in our bathroom is very convenient. For their safety do not allow them to bath alone.

  11. Anonymous says:

    ^^You can see that this was posted from Stockholm, Sweden, in general, in Scandinavia there’s no such thing as appartment/house without central heating and floor heating in bathrooms…

  12. Anonymous says:

    Wow that looks super dangerous… Please don’t do this!!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    It looks good, but I’m not convinced of its stability … especially if you have a baby squirming around that doesn’t want to be changed. Do you have central heating in your bathroom so it is warm enough in winter for the baby to be changed?

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