Published on May 16th, 2012 | by Jules Yap


Wraparound Mandal

Materials: Mandal Headboard

Description: Not really a hack but a modification.

I love the look of the Mandal but our recent downsize left us with a very cramped bedroom. So we chopped the ends of of two Mandals and mounted them on the side walls. The only addition was to add a extra strip of wood along the back of the side pieces to keep all the slats from moving about. The headboards are affixed directly to the wall. One final touch, not done yet, will be to paint the screw heads used to affix them white so they will not be visible.

Many thanks to Ernest who helped us make this happen!

~ C I, London

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The Author

Jules Yap

"I am Jules, the engine behind IKEAHackers and the one who keeps this site up and running. My mission is to capture all the wonderful, inspiring, clever hacks and ideas for our much loved IKEA items".

8 Responses to Wraparound Mandal

  1. Stefano says:

    How did you manage to do the corners??

  2. Anonymous says:

    It looks very nice, my only problem with Mandal headbord is that I find it too expensive

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the positive feedback! :)

    I think the lamp is from Habitat but it’s going in the bin soon as my other half found a new one he likes better. If you’re in London, you are welcome to it! :)


  4. Anonymous says:

    Ah, Mandal headboard… So stylish, but so much dust to clean out tediously…

  5. Anonymous says:

    I love your lamp, where is that from?

  6. Anonymous says:

    LOVE IT!

  7. jan says:

    This is genious! I can imagine this hack even without the bed. What about 2-3 Mandal headboards in one edge of the living room, painted in bright orange with those white boards… that’ll be brilliant – i keep that in mind!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Well done, this looks wonderful and will look even better once your bed is dressed :)

    Compared to all the “I Painted It” posts that Jules mistakenly calls ‘hacks’, this is well and truly a real hack! You modified an existing product to suit your needs!

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