Published on May 7th, 2012 | by Jules Yap


Wicker trash cans to fancy storage for the bath

Materials: Wicker basket, water hyacinth placemat cover, rope

Description: I needed storage for the bathroom. I liked the FLÄTA ($39.99) laundry basket and BRANÄS ($14.99) black basket for my open shelving, but I would need 3 Flatas and 5 Branas for a total of almost $200. But for only $56 I got the same effect.

I made the laundry baskets from wicker ($7.99) trash baskets. I added a SOARÉ ($3.99) water hyacinth place mat as a cover. To make the handle of the cover and add decoration to the basket, I used white clothes line rope, with pliers I punched a hole in the placemat and pulled a loop of rope through and tied a knot on the underside. More rope was woven near the top of the basket to coordinate.

Instead of BRANÄS, a smaller basket in black ($4.99). I also found 3 BESTA doors in the as-is department which I used as frames above the storage.

~ Suzanne Seale, Boston, MA

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4 Responses to Wicker trash cans to fancy storage for the bath

  1. kp says:


    It really a very good idea.I would like to try it but I’m looking for inexpensive baskets.where did u get the basket.?could you pls let me know the nameof it if incase you bought the can from ikea too.makes it easy for me to search.


  2. Anchor Bay Tile says:

    This is a great look and so simple as well! Great idea!

  3. I love these so much. Going to have to put them on the list. Can you get them in black?

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