Published on May 17th, 2012 | by Jules Yap


Lacked a piano bench, so made a Lack piano bench

Lack shelf, discontinued shelf parts from As-Is, metal brackets and screws

I bought my wife a digital piano, but didn’t want to buy a piano bench since they tend to be fairly expensive. So I took a trip to Ikea and had a browse of the As-Is section.

I found a pine Lack shelf and some parts from a different discontinued pine shelf, which I decided to chop up and attach to the Lack as legs.

To do so, I used some metal L brackets and screws.

I think it’s better looking than a metal bench, and cost much less!

~ Dan, Adelaide, Australia

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3 Responses to Lacked a piano bench, so made a Lack piano bench

  1. Sean says:

    This is Awesome and well-done.
    For the record, a piano bench is what you sit on. And you appear to have one.

  2. Anonymous says:

    First off, the table does look nice and neat. Good job there!

    On another note, it looks to me like there is a fundamental design flaw in regards to the relationship of the player with the sound source. With the acoustic direction of the speakers in the picture, the player is not going to get direct sound from the speakers. Rather, they would probably get reflected sound from the wall opposite the player. I don’t see how this table can rectify this basic form/function problem.

    Solution: get a good 2.1 set of PC speakers. Position the speakers so you get a good V shape (speakers at the two points both facing towards the center point). Place the subwoofer on the floor. You will get a much more realistic piano sound, Leslie effects will sound awesome on organs, and synths which are natively stereo will sound crisp and clear. Edifier and Logitech make some good ones for 150-200€.

    In any case, have fun playing, that is what matters!

    • Sean says:

      Good points and ideas, but remember that when you play a real piano, the sound you hear is reflected off the lid, so this is probably no disaster. That said, your recommendation for speakers is affordable and spot-on.

      I’d also like to chime in my 2 cents: I’ve heard a lot of people observe (and I tend to agree) that practicing out loud – as opposed to using headphones – tends to help one clean up mistakes in playing better due to the small but not insignificant effect of self-consciousness. It’s actually better that others can hear you, even if it might seem otherwise.

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