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Godmorgon sink basin stands turn into a bed

Materials: Godmorgon sink basin stands,scrap wood, screws, your old bed parts (if desired)

Description: I found a stack of Godmorgon sink basin stand for dirt cheap on clearance in the Ikea As-Is section, so I filled up my little car with as many as I could fit (twice). The Godmorgon basin stands are good quality, and have very nice soft-closing drawers with extra dividers to go inside them.

My first project was to turn three of them into a new bed. We live an apartment that is seriously lacking in storage, so we want all of the drawers we can get. I’ve always thought hidden under-bed storage was a great use of space, so I got to measuring and discovered that an arrangement of three of the basin stands fit perfectly under our double bed.

First, I assembled the three stands as per the instructions, including the optional wall mounts.

I wasn’t sure if the stands would safely support the weight of the bed and two adults, so I then used a couple of scrap 2×4′s laying around to attach to the wall mounts at the correct height for the bed boards to rest on.

I also attached the side rails from our old bed to the sides of the stands with screws to keep the boards and mattress from sliding sideways.

Now we have a great looking bed with lots of practical storage!

~ Dan, Adelaide, Australia

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4 Responses to Godmorgon sink basin stands turn into a bed

  1. Duvet Sets says:

    Not bad. In fact, it is very nifty. I have always been fond of furniture that can have multipurpose. One of the comments before mine is a bit disturbing though.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Is the foot higher than the head, or is it just the camera angle?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I love how there is still space to put a dead body in the center of the base.

  4. jo says:

    i maybe bought four of them, and was planning to do the same thing. i think i will “puzzle” the bed’s leg in the middle of the drawers.

    but my project is still laying flat….

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