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EXPEDIT Half Shelf from Wine Rack

Photo: IKEA

Materials: EXPEDIT Bookcase, HUTTEN 9-bottle wine rack

Description: I have a 4×4 Expedit bookshelf which I also use for the storage of my cups and plates. Originally, each of the cups/dinner plates/glasses etc. had their own pod but I realised it was an inefficient way to store them.

I decided I needed shelves.

I didn’t want something that would permanently screw into my bookshelf, in case I changed my mind later or moved house and had room for my cups and plates elsewhere.

I discovered that the HUTTEN 9-bottle wine rack is the perfect width (33cm) to fit inside on of the pods of the EXPEDIT bookshelf.

1cm needs to be cut of the top/bottom of the wine rack for it to make it 33cm tall so it slides perfectly into the EXPEDIT pod.

Adjust the shelves by drilling new holes to the desired heights (or don’t if it works as is).

Slide the hacked wine rack into your EXPEDIT pod.

I also used two small pieces of MDF to stop my glasses from falling through the wine rack gaps, but this is optional (and thick cardboard would also work).

I painted mine using a tub of BEHANDLA black glazing paint.

See more of the wine-rack turned Expedit shelves.

~ Ashleigh, Australia

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7 Responses to EXPEDIT Half Shelf from Wine Rack

  1. rita says:

    I just saw the Hutten wine rack and was wondering if it could be used as half shelf insert for expedit/kallax. Definitely doing this! Too bad ikea discontinued their shelf inserts/wine racks. They need to offer the half-shelf inserts!

  2. Thanks you! I am so doing this!

  3. Jan says:

    This is just great! Always looked for a simple way to divide the Expedit bays into two.

    Is there enough room to store CDs in the two new-built compartments?

  4. Mydecoreview says:

    That is a fantastic idea. Let me see whether I can fit this into my diy list

  5. Anonymous says:

    Great idea! I’ve been wondering how to better use that space as well and Ikea’s shelves are expensive and really cut down on the usable area.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Fantastic.I have been looking for an easy shelf, and this is it!

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