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Tying in Lersta

Materials: Ikea-Lersta Reading/floor lamp, lamp shade, spray paint, Rayon Crepe Cord

Description: We moved a year ago into our new house. This was the perfect opportunity to create a new style for our living room.

Coming form Germany and moving to the UK, I wanted to have a Mixture of British and German elements.

I opted for red wall paint,red velvet curtains, red footstools… get the picture.

After all the redecorating, my old floor-lamp in my reading-corner did not fit in any more.

Lamp, before

Being a stingy German, I did not wanted to throw the lamp away and buy a new one.

So I decided to make it fit:
I bought a red lamp shade, a 200ml can of black spray paint and 4 metres of 4mm thick golden Rayon Crepe Cord.

First I removed the Aluminium Shade.

Then I bent the flexible part of the lamp into the desired form and fixed it with some yarn.

I masked off the thread and the cord and sprayed the whole base black.

As soon as the paint completely dried, I removed the masking tape.
Then I covered the yarn with the golden Rayon Crepe Cord. I left the ends of the cord long and added a second part of cord, so I had four long cord ends hanging down.

I cut each end a different length and made a knot in each aprox 7 cm from the end. Than I frayed the ends to gain some kind of tassels.

Finally I fixed the new lamp-shade onto the base, and…..TADA: the clinical looking old Lersta is now perfectly tied (pun intended) into our new living room decor.

~ Gregor Dobschutz, London, UK

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3 Responses to Tying in Lersta

  1. Anonymous says:

    Looks great, I’d never notice that it was hacked! I might try something like that for my desk lamp. I love red in the living room, too. Do you have a little dog? Those toys look similar to the ones my chihuahua plays with or I should say tears them apart without a pity with his tiny but sharp teeth:)

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you for the compliments!!!!
      Yes indeed, red is a lovely colour. I love it!
      In fact, I have a little Yorkshire Terrier… and she is more of a stealthy killer: she slowly chews out the eyes and nose of each and every toy. When they are senseless, she then devours on their sweet filling… :)

  2. Sandy says:

    Wow! This is really clever. Totally changed the style. :D Ahhh… I love seeing clever things. Nice one.

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