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Silent Night! Holy Night!

16 Hampen carpet 80×80, carpet from the building center 400×300, ca. 250 nails, ladder, sledge, flat nose plier, water bubble, carpet cutter, folding yardstick

Description: Hi folks! After 2 days of really hard work, I want to show you my new “Hampen” wall.

I love living in old buildings. Jugendstil, art nouveau, victorian, I don’t care. But I hate those wafer-thin walls and if you have noisy neighbors as i do, you can hear everything – and i mean “everything”.

So, after 2 months of uncomfortable living, I decided to find a functional solution, that is cheap, easy to install and good looking. So I came up to a carpet wall and as you can see on the photos, I am totally an Ikea fan. I looked on the website and found the small Hampen (80x80cm) for 6.99€.

The next day, it was Friday, I went to my Ikea and bought 16 pieces, cause I had to cover 3.65×2.55 meters. But then I realized, that the Hampen would not be enough noise dampening, because the bottom side is very hard.

So I went to the next building center and bought a huge piece of soft carpet. It only cost me 40€, because it was ugly green and it was the rest of the roll. Home again, I nailed it rear sided on the wall and cut off all the sides. After that, I had to cut off all sides of the Hampen to a 78x78cm size, because they are all handmade and every carpet is unique (means not exactly 80×80 and not fluffy on each side). Then, after lots of tests, nails and a muscle tension, I finished my Hampen wall on Sundays eve. :-) )

Now, I feel very comfortable and homelike. The noise is reduced to a minimum, it fits my furniture and it only cost me 152€ (+ nails).

Cheerio, Ciao und Grüße!

~ Frank, Stuttgart, Germany

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15 Responses to Silent Night! Holy Night!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great idea Frank! I was wondering whether there was any fraying on the edges where you cut the carpet? I’m thinking of cutting my hampen to make a circular rug.

  2. NK says:

    The house is not that old. It got destroyed during WWII and then rebuilt in the 50s right after the war. I assume they just kept the original design.
    The high ceilings and beautiful hardwood floors were the reason we immediately fell in love with the appartment, but little did we know it would cause so much trouble, sigh.
    The birds fly around all day and we would have to cover the rugs with some smooth fabric or similar, so that they can’t get trapped with their little claws. Ugh, sounds like a lot of work…

  3. Anonymous says:

    thanks a lot. :)
    wow, thats a high wall. which age is it?
    yes, the carpet reduces the noise within my room but you maybe need 2 walls to be covered, you have to try.
    do your birds fly around? i’m asking, because such a thick carpet could be dangerous for them.


  4. NK says:

    Brilliant idea, Frank!
    Does the carpet reduce the noise within your own room as well, or does it only keep off the outside noise? I’m asking because we live in an old building with 3,75m walls, we have four birds and the freaking echo of their “Gezwitscher” drives us insane and literally causes headaches. Do you think a carpet wall would help to reduce that echo?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Did this really make much of a difference? I had this same issue recently with new neighbors just stomping around and talking loudly & just being noisy constantly. They would wake me up early every morning with a loud bang that shook the floor, and from then on, lots of loud heavy footsteps back and forth. So annoying. And I know what you mean when you say “thin walls” and you can even hear someone having a conversation next door—it’s so invasive!

    (I love comment #1 about nailing this into the wall as “payback time”…..haha)

    • Anonymous says:

      yes, it does. it feels like you are under a blanket. i still can hear them, but its much more muted. you can do it better with a construction of thin wooden strips underneath but for me its ok. in your case, i would turn up the music every single night until they get it or have a talk with them face to face. :)


  6. jo says:

    mmmhhh do you feel i can use this idea in a quite (1990) modern building, for the ceeling? the woman that live upstairs has the very nice habit of never leave her high heels shoes. she’s quite lucky that this apartment of mine is almost a garçonniere and i don’t live there all the time ;-) or….
    we had those thin squares of white polystyrene foam glued, but the benefits were not enough

    • Anonymous says:

      booth won’t work. the noise comes from the ceeling and the walls! you should talk to her. barfooted or carpet is the solution. :)


  7. Anonymous says:

    Question, what do you do about electrical boxes? Wouldn’t the carpet stand about an inch or so away from the wall outlet and thus they no longer would be flush with the wall?

  8. Sarah says:

    Wow, I love it! What a great solution to noisy neighbours, or just the constant hum of their TV or something – or if you yourself are noisy and want to shield them from it :) . I would probably have put in a couple squares of bright colours because I’m a colour loser :)

  9. Anonymous says:

    Great idea :) haha, but all that hammering on the wall in the process was probably “pay back time” to the neighbors that kept you up before this! ;)

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