Published on April 2nd, 2012 | by Jules Yap


Numerar dining table

Materials: Numerar, Lilleby, drill, angle bracket, paint

Description: It is a fairly simple hack. My wife and I were looking for a modern dining table to replace our traditional round one. We wanted a solid wood top but they were too expensive for us. We were browsing around Ikea one day and saw the oak Numerar kitchen countertop and thought that it would be perfect for us. We decided to use the Lilleby legs because we like the simple look of them. And both items were on sale; can’t say no to that.

1.) I started by sanding the paint off the Lilleby pieces, sanding them after it is assembled will be difficult
2.) Put the Lilleby together
3.) Paint to the colour you wish
4.) Measure and draw where you want the lilleby legs to be mounted to the numerar
5.) Buy angle brackets from home depot and fix the lillbey to the table top
6.) Enjoy the table

~ Roy, Vancouver

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4 Responses to Numerar dining table

  1. Anonymous says:

    Make sure you treat it w/ oil often. Dry wood will crack/split without regular treatment.

  2. skyethebard says:

    I don’t wanna be a downer but your tabletop might start to curl along the lines of the merged wood strips. We used one of these tops on a peninsula at one point (because it was a lot thicker than the Lagan) and the 11″ overhang we left for stool seating started curving down w/i one year. Some kind bracing or strapping in the underside of your table should keep this from happening.

  3. Anonymous says:

    what was the total cost?

  4. Anonymous says:

    I love it. Still looking for an interesting table.It seems to be great. What is the size of the table?

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