Published on April 11th, 2012 | by Jules Yap


Kilby as a bass trap

Kilby bookcase, acoustic panels, Lenda fabric

Description: A simple but effective bass trap for acoustic correction.
Using some acoustic panel (made of cotton, totally harmless) and following the rules of the acoustic gurus, I’ve locked a layer of material on the bottom of the Kilby, using a simple cotton wire stapled on the sides, then I’ve created a “stapled-wire-bed” a few inches from the front side of the Kilby itself. On this “bed” I put a second layer of acoustic material and stapled it on the front.

Same thing on the upside of the Kilby: layer of acoustic cotton, stapled wire, some inches of empty space, the “stapled-wire-bed”, second layer of material, stapled wire to lock it on site.

Once done a couple of Kilbys I covered them with Lenda cotton. Now they sit on the corners of my homestudio, doing their work: to capture the low frequencies.

See more of the Kilby bass trap.

~ Ugo, Italy

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8 Responses to Kilby as a bass trap

  1. Anonymous says:

    What did this cost you in total? Very cool!

    • ugo says:

      It didn’t cost so much, the most expensive item is the acoustic material because is totally ecologic, without the problems caused by rockwoll or fiberglass, and with a bigger effect on trapping bass frequency.
      Each panel costs almost 8,00 euros, each trap needed three of them, plus the fabric used to cover everything.

  2. Fresh designs and unique styles are new life into your home.Really helpful for those people who wish to provide their home with advanced and stylish looking.

  3. Pete says:

    Ok. How many people came here expecting to find something fishing related? ;)

  4. Lez Renovate says:

    Very cool. For LL’s home studio, we had lots of trouble constructing bass traps from scratch. Making the triangles for the corners was especially tricky! Yours look great. very smart

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