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Published on April 4th, 2012 | by Jules Yap


JUTISBERG guitar hanger

Materials: 1x JUTIS CD tower (discontinued) ; 2x LERBERG CD/DVD wall shelf ; Some pieces of wood (dimensions below) ; 8x nails -or- 4x nails + 4x L-shaped screw hooks ; 4x Nylon cable ties -or- strong magnets

Description: 1x JUTIS CD tower (discontinued) ; 2x LERBERG CD/DVD wall shelf ; Some pieces of wood (dimensions below) ; 8x nails -or- 4x nails + 4x L-shaped screw hooks ; 4x Nylon cable ties -or- strong magnets

JUTISBERG guitar hanger

I was looking for a way to store my guitars when not playing Guitar Hero and I figured out they could nicely be hanged alongside my JUTIS CD tower.
I was now only missing the “hang” part and found out that the “LERBERG CD/DVD wall shelf” is quite fitted for the mission.

Full materials list:
* 1x JUTIS CD tower (discontinued)
* 2x LERBERG CD/DVD wall shelf (dark grey: 701.155.21)
* 4x Pieces of wood (see dimensions on the picture below)
* 1x Hammer
* 1x Saw
* 4x Nails (to comply with IKEA hack spirit I used the one of a AKURUM/FAKTUM cabinet: IKEA piece #101206)
* 4x L-shaped screw hooks -OR- 4x Nails (that you will have to L-shape yourself)
* 4x Nylon cable ties -OR- strong magnets
* 2x Guitar Hero / Rock Band guitars (tested with both PlayStation and Wii models)

Building steps:
01. Assemble both the JUTIS and LERBERGs according to IKEA manuals.
02. Insert the wood pieces A into both the front and rear of the JUTIS, between the concrete base and the first floor.
03. Place the wood pieces B on both side of the JUTIS, astride on the wood pieces A.
04. Fasten theses pieces of wood together with 4 nails. Now, this structure will be the base for the LERBERGs.
05. Place the hooks (or the bended nails) on wood pieces B so that they perfectly fit inside the small holes that are located on top and bottom of the LERBERG shelves.
06. Once done, place the LERBERGs on the wood base (watch the hooks) alongside the JUTIS: you will notice their tendency to fall…
07. Use a temporary rope or anything else to maintain the LERBERGs vertical until construction ends.
08. Insert a nylon cable tie through both top holes of each LERBERG. Make sure both cable tie ratchets are on the same side of the JUTIS: both front or both rear.
09. Join the two cable ties with the two remaining cable ties by following a cross-pattern (see schema for a better explanation).
10. Tighten the whole thing by regularly checking if the LERBERGs are still perfectly vertical.

You can now insert the guitar as shown on the picture and see how it perfectly fit.

* The wood pieces B could have been a few centimeter longer and simple nails could have been used instead of hooks.
* The nylon cable ties used to avoid LERBERG falling can be replaced by strong magnets as both the JUTIS and LERBERG frames are made of steel. Simply insert magnet between the two at different levels.

Total cost:
11.50€ (used JUTIS CD tower, bought in 2007) + 4.50€*2 (new LERBERG CD/DVD wall shelf, bought in 2011) + 2/3€ if you don’t have the rest

See more of the guitar hanger.

~ CDuv, Villeurbanne, France

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3 Responses to JUTISBERG guitar hanger

  1. Anonymous says:

    Not Ikea, but after tripping over the things for the millionth time, I also needed a solution to get them off the floor. Turns out this was just the right width to hold the guitar controllers, and just deep enough for two. I do love a $5, five minute fix.

  2. CDuv says:

    Indeed. Maybe the description isn’t clear enough but theses hangers are designed for Guitar Hero / Rock Band guitars.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I see game controllers, not guitars…

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