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Girly Kura bunk bed

Materials: Kura bed, Sultan lade, 2×2″ beams, mdf, paint, wallpaper, screws, screwdriver, saw

Description: It was time for our daughters to share room and two beds would take up unnecessary floor space. I was after a bunk bed where we could place our 15 months girl in the lower bed and our 4 year old on top. The Kura bed was perfect in size and height but I dislike the blue and pine combo plus it only had one proper bed…

I bought a used Kura bed and went to the hardware store and got a 6mm mdf and some 45x45mm beams. The hardware store helped me cut up the mdf in the same size as the panels around the top bed. Also had to cut the beams to same size as top bed and mill a groove in to the beams around the bottom bed in order to fit the new mdf panels.

Painted all pine parts as well as one side of the new mdf panels white. Mounted wallpaper (with standard wallpaper glue) on the blue panels as well as on the unpainted mdf.

When mounting the bed I simply added my extra beams and mdf panels and secured them with wood screws. To get a proper bed on the bottom I placed a Sultan Lade slatted bed base on top of two beams.

See more of the Kura bunk bed.

~ Susie, Sweden

Safety note on mattresses: 
Susie’s hack placed the bottom mattress on a Sultan Lade slatted base on top of 2 beams, which is an excellent move. If you’re thinking of skipping this vital step, don’t! An Ikea employee mentioned to an IKEAHackers’ reader that the bottom mattress should not be placed directly on the floor, as it is a health hazard.  Any standard (non organic) mattress should never be flat on the floor because the lack of air makes chemical vapors build up and escape through the top of the mattress, creating a health hazard for the person sleeping on it.  A bunky board should do the trick to lift the mattress and provide the needed air flow. [thanks Kristin!]. ~ Jules

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23 Responses to Girly Kura bunk bed

  1. Red says:

    Hi,, did you use brush paint or spray paint? Thanks!

  2. Michelle says:

    I also LOVE this idea and, I know this posting is “old,” so I’m prepared to not get a response, however, if one could be provided, that would be amazing!

    Our son will be the same age, or maybe a little bit older, when we purchase this bed (currently, they are 3 and 15 months). I’m just wondering how it’s going with the little guy in the bottom bunk.
    Also, and I know it’s probably too late now, but I would have loved to see “in progress” pictures. I’m having a hard time imagining how I’m going to make the bed look this good without ruining it. We want our bed to be black, since that’s the theme with the furniture in the kids’ room. So, we were going to paint the frame black and the panels with magnetic primer. If you do see this posting and can respond, how many extra beams total did you need to purchase? 6? And the mdf? 2 panels? Did you just take an existing beam and panel to the hardware store to make sure they would be the same size? How much did this hack end up costing?

  3. Chelsea says:

    I just bought this bed for my daughter and want to add a decal to the side panel with her name on it. It’s in storage until we move so I can’t measure it could you tell me the size of the panel on the side that you covered in CM please? It would be rally helpful! Thank you

  4. Annie says:

    Hi there – you said you used the bottom bunk for your 15 month old – how’d that work out? We’re wanting to do the same with our baby, about the same age, and are just having concerns about the railing not being the regulation height, so she could get out/fall out. Thoughts?


  5. Anonymous says:

    Hey Susie—Not sure if you are still responding to questions or not, but my husband and I would love to have our kid’s beds oriented the way you have yours. You mentioned above that you only needed to drill one additional hole when flipping the solid short end–do you happen to remember which hole this is, or could you explain in a little more detail. We tried for an hour to picture where this one hole would be, but our solution required many holes to be drilled. Any direction would be MUCH appreciated. Thanks in advance. [email protected]

  6. Anonymous says:

    I’m wondering where you got extra beams and mdf panels? Can they just be ordered from IKEA?

  7. Brenner says:

    I’m wondering about mattresses, too. Does a regular twin (US size) fit? If not, which IKEA mattresses fit? Do they have to be kid sized? If so, which — the “small” or “extendable”? The IKEA website is lacking in mattress info for this item. Thanks!

  8. Hi! What mattress did you guys go with?

  9. Anonymous says:

    With regard to the warning about not placing the bottom mattress directly on the floor, you definitely need to elevate the bottom-bunk mattress slightly so that air will circulate under it and thus prevent off-gasses and/or mold from accumulating. For us, the twin-size”Sultan Laxeby” (Ikea #601.259.69) has worked very well. It fits snugly, without trimming, in the Kura frame. Priced at $80 (USD) at the time of this post, the Laxeby allows for firmness adjustments, and it’s just high enough to raise the bottom of the mattress about 1/2″ to 3/4″ above the bottom rail of the Kura, even when a kid’s sleeping on it. This leaves the bottom-bunker plenty of headroom, but also permits ample air circulation. Only the grey rubber nubs from the Laxeby can be seen when it’s “installed” like this, but you won’t see those when they’re covered by a sheet/blanket. Since those little nubs are rubber, they won’t hurt little toes. Again, we’ve got two boys (4.5 and 3) for whom this has become a fun, comfortable, and safe bunk-bed solution.

  10. Susie says:

    The rug is an old Ikea!

    Yes, it is possible to change the position of the ladder. Need to drill an additional hole when mounting the covered short side but no large hassle.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I love this idea – beautiful room! Did the bed come with the ladder already at that end of the bed? (as opposed to how it’s pictured in the catalog pic)

    I have been wondering if we could just flip that one panel as we’re assembling the bed so that it would end up against the wall of my daughter’s room. I would feel so much safer with the end against the wall like that!

  12. the dawnster says:

    Love this idea and execution. Like the style of the Kura bed but wanted a bunk also. Well done! Thanks for sharing -

  13. Anonymous says:

    Love the rug — where did you get it?

  14. Susie says:

    # The stuffed letters are homemade. Simply print the letters in desired size, cut x2 in fabric, cut a 3” wide fabric stripe the same length as the perimeter of the letter and sew together. Fill with cushion filling.
    # The striped wall is wallpaper mounted “the wrong direction” i.e. from wall to wall instead of from roof to floor.
    # The Sultan lade bed base is not secured only placed over the added beams next to the frame. Since Ikeas mattress is slightly shorter than the length of the bed there is a natural ventilation of the lower mattress just as mentioned in the safety note.


  15. Anonymous says:

    A question!
    Great idea, we would like to use a similar solution for our 2 babies… but we just don’t understand where you placed the Sultan lade: do you placed it on the frame or on added beams near to the frame? Thanks a lot!
    Silvia+Andrea ITALY

  16. Anonymous says:

    This is fantastic! Did you do anything to secure the sultan lade bed base to the beams it rests on?

  17. Anonymous says:

    Did you paint the stripes on the wall? It looks great. Any tips?

  18. Jolanthe says:

    Please tell me where you got those beautiful stuffed letters from? I immediately fell in love with them! =))))

    Thank you! =)))

  19. Anonymous says:

    great! i was wondering how to make a more secure spot for a smaller tot…we have a 2 1/2 year old and are expecting again…my older daughter will be almost 4 by the time we put them together to share a room so this Idea will work perfect for our family!
    thanks for the idea!!

  20. Alexandra says:

    This is great! I wish I had seen it before we bought our bunk bed…

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