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Published on April 28th, 2012 | by Jules Yap


Curtain panel bluff and room divider

After with Panel Curtain Room Divider!

Materials: IRJA Curtain rod set, Riktig curtain loops/hooks, Betydlig ceiling brackets, KAJSA curtain panels,Drill, screwdriver, hammer, hacksaw, mounting screws

Description: I wanted the look of the curtain panels but didn’t want to double the cost by using the recommended rails and sliders.


This is two related projects as they all include the same/similar hardware

1. Room divider
2. Closet “Bluff”

I inherited one, clearly IKEA. The only project that required cutting the rod with the hacksaw was the Bluff. The other rod slides open.

I used two Betydlig ceiling brackets per project @$1.49 each. Easy to mount with the option to easily raise/lower or slide the bracket back/front.

Instead of cutting the curtain panels, I rolled up the excess on the tube it came on and, for pinned them up. The weight gives it the right look with out the recommended hardware. You can also slip in a short piece of the remaining rod in if you want more weight.

The loops work well, too! Five per panel is perfect.

~ Clayton Smith, San Diego, CA

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10 Responses to Curtain panel bluff and room divider

  1. Clayton says:

    Hi Kaela,

    I used wall anchors (albeit the ceiling) with no problems. It’s all quite light.

    Good luck!


  2. Kaela Green says:

    I just bough this hardware. Did you anchor them? Thanks:)

  3. Clayton says:

    I hope your project goes well for your daughter’s place. I’ve really enjoyed the divider and bluff and how it creates separate spaces. Thanks for the nice comments.


  4. Robert West says:

    A very pretty room. My daughter will surely love this place. I took her to daniels homes and as a gift to them (newly weds) I gave her a living room set same as this. Our goal now is how to make it as cozy as this.

  5. Clayton says:

    @ Terri…

    You were right about unification. Check out this green. Love it!



  6. Clayton says:

    @Terri – Thanks for the input. I wouldn’t have considered painting some of the items but will! Would love another splash of color. The shelf is stainless steel though (also IKEA) so likely not. ; )

    I am amazed how each side of the mid-room divider really feels separate. With the bathroom opposite the dresser, it creates a private dressing area but still allows light.

    @Tina – Love the bluff! And yes, the chair seems so “in the middle” but not with this layout and the dividers and bluffs!

    I got them on sale, too! Very pleased how they work in with my colors but aren’t more of the same. Very different effects with the sheer vs opaque. Lots of fun and possibilites!

    Clayton Smith
    San Diego, CA

  7. Anonymous says:

    Those curtains were on special $6.99 on ikea San Diego, Ca. bought one and use a triangle rail for 4.99 (on sale too).

  8. Tina says:

    The dividers really make a huge difference! I would not have thought of putting a chair in front of the divider. Great idea. Looks nice & neat. Great for hiding clutter. I might do something similar in my daughter’s room.

  9. majeral says:

    VERY NICE Thanks I need to do that in my apartment between dining and living area. Great.

  10. Terri says:

    Looks great! I love your choice of fabric. Since it’s a small space, I think I’d go a step further and spray-paint the two wooden tables, the arms of the chair, and probably the metal shelves the same color (neon green? royal blue?) to further unify the space.

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