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Billys and Smadal to Mudroom Built-Ins

Materials: 2 Billy Bookcases, 1 Billy Wall Shelf, 1 Smadal TV Console

Description: Detailed step-by-step instructions (and additional pictures) can be found on my blog here:

Basically, I assembled all the furniture, and attached them to the wall up against a section of beadboard forming an inverted “U” shape. I also attached the bookshelves to the wall shelf for added stability. I left the TV stand free and just pushed it against the wall (as a bench and shoe storage) so that I could remove it to sweep under it. I did reinforce the TV stand with some metal L brackets to support the weight of my kids sitting (and standing and jumping) on it.

Where the shelves met the wall, I added quarter round trim and added corbels under the wall shelf for architectural interest. I also added crown molding along the tops of the shelves.

I had paint color matched and painted all the trim, beadboard and crown molding “Ikea White” (which is actually more of a cream color)

Lastly I added coat hooks and the hack was complete.

Total cost (shelves, hardware, paint, hooks): $309

See more of the Billy & Smadal mudroom.

~ Kim, California

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16 Responses to Billys and Smadal to Mudroom Built-Ins

  1. Nicole from Canada says:

    I love this idea- we have been trying desperately to find a solution to our mudroom dilemma and I think I have just found it!!! The only change I am going to look further into is installing doors for the middle part so we can hide the hanging coats for a cleaner look!!! Thanks for solving this for us!!!

  2. Torry says:

    Just found this… Looking for inspiration for a mini boot room Billy hack I’m planning.i currently live in a house with a hallway and we’re moving to a property in a better location for work but where you enter straight into the living space. My kids need somewhere to put their coats!

  3. @BabyGiven The Smadal line has been discontinued. There are some alternatives (I posted about them in a FAQ post on my blog: )

    Good luck!

  4. babygiven says:

    This looks amazing! Can you please tell me where you found the Smadal TV Console? Thanks!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Great architectural look!

  6. nannie98038 says:

    Best hack I’ve seen in quite some time! Beautifully done.

  7. What was the paint brand and color for the Ikea White? Or did you just color match at the shop?

  8. Anonymous says:

    I love this! I just wish I had the space….

  9. Kim says:

    $300 TOTAL! :) Even including the electrical outlet I had to upgrade and all the beadboard, trim, paint and hardware!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Never mind – I got the website to come up – I see the totals there, which makes it even more awesome!

  11. bärbel_08 says:

    this really looks awesome :)

  12. Anonymous says:

    That is so awesome! Do you mind if I ask you how much you spent – the one I’ve been looking at already put together is outrageous :(

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