Published on March 25th, 2012 | by Jules Yap


Ribba shaddow box key rack

Materials: Ribba shadow box, Sarita curtain cut-offs, 6 screw in hooks, a ring of aged keys

We’re always losing our keys, so we needed a key-rack. Obviously, it had to look good! We found a ring with some chunky, old looking keys which was perfect.

The hack itself took less than 10 minutes. You open the shadow box and screw in one hook on the inside of the frame, in the middle of what will be the top edge. On the opposite edge, outside of the frame, you screw in 5 more hooks.

We put the first hook in at 4,5cm of the side, then spaced the hooks with 4cm between them, which also puts the fifth hook 4,5cm away from the other side.

Then you hang the big ring of keys from the inside hook, you fold the fabric so there’s four layers (if it’s less, you can still see the back panel through it: ugly!) and you squeeze that in between the passe-partout and the back. Put the entire back in place, secure, and hang on your wall. Find your keys, hang them on the rack, and never lose them again!

~ Naantje, Nederland

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  1. Great post, good to see someone being creative with keys instead of just the boring mundane normal stuff.

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