Published on March 31st, 2012 | by Jules Yap


MacBook Pro vertical stand

Materials: BRADA laptop support, Keyhole saw, file

Description: I was looking for a solution for a vertical stand so my MacBook would run cooler while using my external monitor and keyboard/mouse. I cut the stand to half of its original width but if you want to use it as a normal laptop stand, you could just cut this slot in the center.

I measured a good height for the power cable to not be too bent (bottom of MacBook 1 inch above the bottom), and drew a slot the width of the MacBook (again, about an inch). Measure an inch high on the non-curved side and that’s where the slot should end. Cut out the slot using the keyhole saw and file down any rough edges.

Voila! For $2.50, it’s a great solution for keeping the computer noticeably cooler while using an external monitor in closed-lid mode, and if you want to run dual monitors, open the Macbook and place on the stand as normal!

~ Jordan Loeck, Menomonie, WI

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11 Responses to MacBook Pro vertical stand

  1. The IKEA napkin stand is still the best vertical laptop stand hack I have ever seen. We have 12 of them in our office

  2. Liz T. says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    Very good hack, but one thing to watch out for with the 13″ Macbook Pro is that when you have it closed (in clamshell mode) and are using an external monitor, your wi-fi connection speeds drop dramatically.
    Run and you’ll see. Closed, my wi-fi download speeds were around 2MB/sec…open, wi-fi downloads speeds are at 30MB/sec.
    Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t have an answer for why this is.

    • Anonymous says:

      Those are fast download speeds, you sure you don’t mean 2Mbs and not 2MBs? What country are you in?

      A 30MBs download speed would mean you have a connection that’s close to 250 megabits/sec down. I pay $50 a month for a 20 megabit/sec connection in the U.S.

      30MB = megaBYTE whereas 30Mb = megaBIT

    • Anonymous says:

      Well lucky you. Here in New Zealand, we’ll be lucky to have such a fast 2MB/s speed (well, upgrading to fibre currently, will take around 9 years to finish >.>) for a price of around $110NZD for 40GB of bandwidth. Yes, you read correctly, bandwidth caps :)

      Anyway, awesome hack. So simple, yet so useful

    • Anonymous says:

      I would venture to guess the wifi issue is an antennae related problem. Vertical is best for radio waves, so maybe closed/clamshell mode is not the why, but the horizontal position is?
      Unless the test were done while the MacBook was vertical. I would like to know before I go and buy a vertical docking station for my MacBook.

  4. Maybe duct tape for the edges?

    I am also in love with that Pug. He wants that cookie so bad.

    Good Hack.

  5. Anonymous says:

    First of all, I love this intuitive hack. What material could I add to the edges to prevents scratches/dents on my MacBook?

    Second, I am in love with your companion cube sticker around the Apple and the pug. :)


    • Anonymous says:

      Theres a product called plastidip that Gets applied like spray paint but dries to become a rubber like covering. That should protect your MacBook

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