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Published on March 19th, 2012 | by Jules Yap


Koppang dressers (plus shelves) for office/sewing room storage

Materials: Koppang

Description: This is not a true hack, as much as using an Ikea product somewhat differently from the intended use.

My home office/sewing room has a wall that spans 107 inches wide, ending at a fireplace-back that is 18 inches deep. I wanted to fill up this wall/giant nook with a storage system that would fit exactly that width and depth, and that could be built upward also.

This storage system needs to be able to hold loads of fabrics, sewing magazines and patterns, as well as office-y papers and files.

After researching various options (bookcases, for a few months, I finally discovered that the dimensions of three Koppang dressers would fit the depth of the nook just right, and the width within a couple of inches. Fabric-storage challenge resolved! At $100 apiece, the dressers are not the cheapest option, but the upside is I don’t have to worry about getting matching boxes and bins to contain the “visual clutter” often associated with craft-room storage (read: I’m too lazy to organize my fabrics neatly).

For other sewing and office stuff and doodads, I fashioned some shelves using stained and poly’ed some pine boards, supported by painted stacked wood blocks as stand-on brackets. As needed, I will add more shelves upward to fill up the whole wall. (I avoided using wall brackets because they would show the fact that the studs in the nook wall are asymmetrical. Now I realize that the stuff on the shelves would have hidden the wall brackets. D’oh! Talk about making things more difficult than necessary? Oh well, at least these brackets are different).

See more of the sewing room storage.

~ rita, SF bay area

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7 Responses to Koppang dressers (plus shelves) for office/sewing room storage

  1. majeral says:

    If you go up higher you might consider attaching to wall because of earthquake’s. (Born and raise in SF.)
    looks good.

  2. Hi all, thanks for the comments.
    I have many white Ikea products around the house, and it’s actually less maintenance than the black/brown finish, which shows dirt more.
    @Anonymous: Koppang does look like Hemnes, except it’s particle board instead of solid wood. My sister thought it was Hemnes. Yes on the wall brackets for additional support especially it’s time to build upward…

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks for answering my question about the Koppang compared to Hemnes. I’ll have to check them out on my next visit to Ikea. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous hack!

  3. Anonymous says:

    This looks great! Very organized with tons of storage. I want one too! :) Although I’d use wall brackets because I’d worry about how much weight those dressers will support long term. Otherwise, love it.

    I hadn’t noticed these dressers before, but the style looks like a small Hemnes. Does it look like that in person? I think $100 each is a good because those bins and organizers for shelving can add up quickly.

    I wouldn’t worry about the white. We have a bunch of white Ikea furniture in our kids’ room and it still looks great years later. If it can hold up to the kids … ;)

  4. Yeah, White is always good on pictures, however in real life you have to be careful and keep it clean, white clean.

    • Anonymous says:

      See comment below. We’ve actually found the white Ikea finished to hold up really well. :) But, yes, I can imagine that being a problem with some products.

  5. Chuck Martin says:

    Intended or not, the area looks very good. It’s nice, clean, and well organized.

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