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EXPEDIT – kitchen storage

Materials: Expedit, door hinges, black MDF, plywood (pine tree)

Description: As we like a very “open” style of kitchen where you can see at the end all the stuff that is part of this room we decided to buy an Expedit to store our plates and glasses etc..

But after assembling the rack and putting in all the cups and plates and so on I was not that satisfied with the result and the kind of “chaos” I saw.
I had the wish to hide some nasty pieces!
So I decided to close parts of the rack. First I thought of sliding panels. But then I decided for the simple solution: Just closing some shelves with doors and hinges.

The result and the advantages:

- several closed shelves make the look of the open rack a bit more calm and gives him a ordered structure

- using different materials makes the simple, white expedit-style very unique

- the applied arbitrary materials may be in accordance to those already used in your housing (as it was in our case the black MDF and the pine wood)

So the result is a simple but convenient compromise of open style and sorted parts.

Caution: it is necessary to fix the doors at the vertical inner/middle elements. Only these are made of strong material to carry the weight of the doors, the outer thick frame isn’t.

~ K. Klose

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20 Responses to EXPEDIT – kitchen storage

  1. Zaya says:

    This is such a cool idea! I was wondering if it would work with the Target cubicles though since I have an old one in the bedroom that I want to get rid of, but don’t have the heart to just throw away. Any ideas? I’m just worried that the target one is thinner and the hinges/door weight etc won’t work.

  2. Kayla says:

    What are the sizes of the doors cut to? Wanting to attempt something similar but want to know exactly what to have the store cut them to! Thanks :)

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  4. Anonymous says:

    Great tips on the doors,i will save me much time.

  5. Anonymous says:

    oooooooooooooo no stain a da’ plywood….

  6. Anonymous says:

    We buildt the doors on our own. All the equipment is from the building center!

  7. Pasquale says:

    WOOOOWWWW!!! It’s what i wold like to do!!!
    Where have you found that doors???

    Thank you

  8. This DIY project is a good idea! Having the skill and concept definitely makes improvements easy. An open cabinet in the kitchen looks lovely!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Wonderful! I am buying material for the door RIGHT NOW! Thanks for the idea. – from Seoul, South Korea.

  10. Pacific NW Blogfan says:

    Awesome hack.

  11. PANYL says:

    This is very slickly executed and a really good idea. It never occurred to me to put a single door over more than one Expedit opening. I’m wondering whether or not any of the Harlig or Applad kitchen cabinet doors could be re-purposed onto the Expedit in this way…

  12. Annemie says:

    K.Klose, if you had a home decor blog, I would be a follower for sure!
    I love this! And I like the slighty lighter color of the pine. I would stain it too though, just because I know out of experience (a lot of IVAR in my childhood bedroom) that the colour of the pine darkens after a few years and becomes more orangey, which I personally like less than the “fresh from the shop” colour.
    If you should decide to add an accent colour, I would go for the square under the tajine. But I like how it’s playful but yet not too ‘in your face’. Very sophisticated!

  13. 337 says:

    not sure if I would stain the plywood darker either, but Anonymous #1 does have a point – sealing it with a clear poly after a quick sand would help it last a bit longer and isn’t difficult. You could probably use hollow door plugs if you wanted to use the exterior piece if necessary too.

    dig it though.

  14. DJinny says:

    I don’t think you need to change anything… It’s gorgeous! xx

  15. Miss Meg says:

    This looks fantastic! You have an amazing style!

  16. Sing says:

    I like the mix of the white, black and wood, very creative, give it an eclectic feel.

  17. Anonymous says:

    love it!

  18. Anonymous says:

    very nice, however I would suggest maybe staining and sealing the unfinished piece of plywood, slightly darker it would really add rich detail and stand out more. Also maybe even painting it an accent colour, a deep orange or pastel green would look lovely with your floors

    but if you like it, i like it!

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