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BRÄDA laptop grip hack

BRÄDA laptop grip hack

Materials: BRÄDA laptop support, rubber sheeting, superglue & cutting tool

Simple hack that allows you to sit with your knees up in bed without your laptop sliding down the slippery BRÄDA plastic surface.

Place the rubber over the BRÄDA and mark the outline of the BRÄDA along it with your knife.

BRÄDA laptop grip hack
BRÄDA laptop grip hack

Cut along this line then superglue the rubber shape to your BRÄDA surface and press for at least 10 seconds to give it time to bond. Finish off with another layer of glue around the edges to tuck it down.

You now have a laptop support that supports usage in the bed!

More pics and another hack for IVAR shelving in the link.

~ skunkd, UK

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3 Responses to BRÄDA laptop grip hack

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Jenny

    I looked for latex free matting for an employee (I work in occupational health) and could only find anti-fatigue matting and yoga mats. As an alternative you could stick some wooden/plastic moulding to the base to the tray so it creates a lip?

  2. Anonymous says:

    You can use ikea’s anti slip mat for rugs to do the same thing. It doesn’t look nearly as nice though.

  3. Jenny says:

    Anyone have an idea for a rubber alternative? Touching rubber with any kind of frequency gives me a rash, slightly allergic.

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