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Published on February 10th, 2012 | by Jules Yap


Space-efficient IT-Workstation under 250,00 Euro

Space-efficient IT-Workstation

“Vika Amon” (white, table top – 17,00 Euro)
“Vika Annefors” (white – 35,00 Euro)
“Vika Alex” (white – 60,00 Euro)
“Vika Byske” (table top – 79,00 Euro)
“Ekby Alex” (white – 39,00 Euro)
2x “Signum” wireway (10 Euro – not required once another the table stands towards another table)
4x Torx-screws 6×60 (T30)
4x Torx-Schrauben 10×60 (T30)

More tools und materials:
Auro Furniture Balm No. 173 – 9,90 Euro
Cordless screwdriver with a T30-Bit
Noname polishing machine (z.B. PM120 from Bonus – 30 Euro)

Description: We at the t3n magazine looking for a IT-Workstation solution which is much more space-efficient than the old one and will cost under 250,00 Euro.

Space-efficient IT-Workstation

1) Make a scribble of the proposed solution and measure your space thoroughly!
2) Assemble all individual IKEA-elements
3) Put all elements as shown on the scribble and screw them
4) We’ve fixed the “Vika Byske” table top with the help of “TORX”-Screws from the bottom with the “Vika Amon”

Space-efficient IT-Workstation

5) To protect the “Vika Byske” tabletop we have used the “Auro Furniture Balm No. 173″ (wax finish). For this you can simply use a hand polishing machine (see picture)
6) Now simply screw the “EKBY Alex” with the refined “Vika Byske” table top (from the bottom with “TORX”-screws)
7) Last but not least – using “TORX” screws on the rear underside of the “Vika Amon” tabletop to fix the Signum wireway.

Space-efficient IT-Workstation
Space-efficient IT-Workstation

See more of the IT workstation including a detailed manual (in german).

~ t3n Magazin, Hannover – Germany

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7 Responses to Space-efficient IT-Workstation under 250,00 Euro

  1. Alex says:


    After waxing does it feels as smooth like the surface of Ikea Galant top?

    Does wood treatment oil make the wood smooth and easy to clean?

    I am a noob about wood, could you advice me what is the best way to make Vika Byske smooth and easy to clean like Galant top?


  2. Andreas says:

    Sehr coole Idee, so kann man wirklich einiges an Geld sparen bei Ikea. Auf sowas muss man echt ersteinmal kommen.

  3. Anonymous says:

    “Why use the white vika tabletop underneath the wooden tabletop – why two tops?”

  4. Anonymous says:

    This is beautiful!
    I need a space in which to have two side-by-side laptops and also a whole pile of dictionaries. So I need a wide space as a desk-top, with shelves just there to put everything away again, but close enough so that i can grab a dictionary if I need it without getting out of my chair! and after a lot of thought (and I mean A LOT!!) I decided that I needed a wooden top (for the beauty and warmth) and shelves underneath. The Expedit are too high for placing a worktop on, and the Besta shelf is too deep for books, for what I want anyway, so it needs to be the Vika system for underneath. Then I “remembered” seeing your set up on Ikea Hackers, and in fact – the perfect system! Beautiful (very important), and useful.
    Just a question: why use the white vika tabletop underneath the wooden tabletop – why two tops? Is the wooden one not strong enough for the weight you are thinking of needing? Myself I’m hoping to put a Varde tabletop (paler wood) on top of the Vika Annefors without using an extra tabletop underneath. But now I’m worried…….
    Anyway- Beautiful office, and thanks for posting.

  5. Don Krypton says:

    Moin Jungs!

    Habta abba fein gemacht! Immer schön, wenn man sieht, dass einer vorher erstmal plant und misst und dann danach mit ein bisschen Geschmack und Gefühl was zusammenstellt, das dann auch funktioniert!
    Naenbei: Ihr solltet eure Seite mal ein bisschen aufräumen und ausfegen…is’n bisschen unübersichtlich, das Ganze.

    Schönen Gruß aus der Wedemark!
    Don Krypton

  6. Don Krypton says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. jan says:

    That’s a lot of work and still a lot of money for a table… BUT: It looks great and is functional. I especially like the idea of “ekby alex” on the table… i might buy one for my desk!

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