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Custom built kitchen for tall people

Custom built kitchen for tall people

Materials: IKEA Kitchen

Description: Because of my height, we wanted a kitchen higher than IKEA allows. Secondly, we wanted it to be proportionate to the space, and we didn’t want too many cabinets. So we came up with a design that was:
- 100 cm high
- 90 cm deep
- 420 cm wide

Custom built kitchen for tall people
Custom built kitchen for tall people
Custom built kitchen for tall people
Custom built kitchen for tall people

Under the cabinets we made storage space, accessible by pulling down the shelves built in front of it.

~ Geert, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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12 Responses to Custom built kitchen for tall people

  1. Cecilie says:

    Hi :) I’m pretty tall too, and about to begin a kitchen project. Did you have the panels at the bottom and the side custom made, or did you just buy them in IKEA? I would love to know!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great hack! I don’t understand kitchen heights either. My kitchen (due to hacking a very old cabinet) is 92 cm high, which is above standard already and absolutely great for me but I am only 1,66 m … When will they figure out we need more height adjustability? My friends range from 1,60 to almost 2 m so I guess the new average is diversity …

    • Anonymous says:

      the reallybig problem I see in this kitchen is: you cover your heater waay too much. You will waste lots and lots of money cause the air isnt circulating around the heater.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah, might be true. It’s difficult to tell from the photos, if there are more than 25cm between heater and cabinets left. If so, air could circulate easily thanks to the old fashioned windows allowing for air to cool down. Another related problem I would worry about is the freezer/cooler positioned on the right side, as it might cause the same problem to the heating situation, but also consuming more energy itself due to the nearby heater. Other than the cabinets it should be easy to move it to a more distant position, if not to the left side in the foreground? Apart from the energy-issues—as already said—great hack!

    • Geert 't Jong says:

      Distance between heater and kitchen was rather small, but these heaters were mostly off anyway. They were rather small in capacity, and other heaters in the room (not on the pictures) contributed much more. The windows above were modern in classic framing, so not a lot of loss there in winter, and the fridge was (later) placed further into the room to facilitate a rack of shelves to be placed next to it. We insulated this space (600 sqf) very well, and never noticed any issues with heating in winter.
      Ceilings are high (12 feet), but that adds so much to the atmosphere of the room, that I would never consider lowering them for energy/cost reasons. In fact we broke all lowered ceilings out!

  3. sokolum79 says:

    I love how simple and clean the kitchen is. Heele mooie keuken! Standard kitchen height is perfect for people my height, 1.55m so I can completely understand why a tall counter is more practical. I figured that you may have been Dutch because of the height. ;)

  4. jo says:

    i had written sth that my pc erased.
    so i’ll try to resume it.
    i really like your kitchen; what i don’t feel confortable with are the too many colors you’re using as woods.
    i like your simple and clean lines: this is what i would achieve in my house too.
    what i find hard to understand is how you, beeing tall, can use any chair or table from ikea. they’re too short even for me, beeing only 1.67….

    • Geert 't Jong says:

      Dear Jo,
      Thanks for your complements and imput.
      The other furniture is not Ikea’s. If we would have tons of money we would synchronize the wood colors, but then again we might have spent 30.000 on a design kitchen, and not have spent 6.000 on a DIY Ikea kitchen ;-)

  5. kallekenkel says:

    Truly a stunning kitchen! Same here, I’m ‘only’ 1,90m but I’m finding myself in an awkward position when doing dishes as well! #backpains
    Surface heights, just like tables, desks, sinks, or toilets… To it seems we’re still using standards from the middle ages, when people used to be 10cm shorter in average.. :)
    Again, beautiful kitchen Geert, bedankt!

    • Geert 't Jong says:

      Fully agree; Normal kitchen height is in no way a healthy work environment; ideal working position standing is approx 1-2 inches below the height of your elbows (with your arms in resting position alongside your body) so figure how unhealthy many kitchens are for a lot of people, especially working in the sink, like in dish washing.

  6. Zettelwirtin says:

    Stunning kitchen! And a great idea for us tiny giants -I used to clean the dishes sitting because my sink was so low. Terrible.^_^
    But wouldn’t it be more comfortable if the hob (is that the correct term?) wasn’t placed so closed to the wall? (Just wondering. I assume you planned that thoroughly.^_^)

    • Geert 't Jong says:

      The hob was placed in the middle of the depth of the kitchen, so halfway between the front and the back; the sink was placed at the front.
      The biggest downfall was that the ventilator is attached to the wall, so was not very efficient at suctioning all fumes from the hob/furnace.

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