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BRODER Bike Rack #2

BRODER Bike Rack

Materials: Broder post, Extension post and Bracket center 22 3/4 “

Description: This hack is much like the other BRODER system bike rack hack, however this uses a different and better system to mount the bikes.

BRODER Bike Rack
BRODER Bike Rack

1. Mount the BRODER post with extension as indicated in the instructions.

2. Using a hacksaw cut two slits a slit though the ½ lip of the center bracket. Make sure the slits are about one each from center (2 inches between the slits)

3. Using a pair of vice grips slightly bend down the lip in the center

4. Using vice grips or any a vice bend each side of the bracket to about 30 Degrees. Be sure to not warp the center backing plate, if you do use your vice grips to make it flat again.

5. Obtain four U shaped hooks at your local hardware store ($1.50 each) they are rubber coated and threaded. Also be sure to get four few locking nuts that tightly fit on to the threads of the U hooks. The plastic in the locking nut will conform to the rough threads of the hook.

6. Place the U hook through the hole of the Center bracket and tighten with the locking nut.

7. Mount the brackets on to the post as designed

8. Hang bikes inside the U hooks.

~ Evan Brom, United States

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5 Responses to BRODER Bike Rack #2

  1. Paul says:

    Anyone know where I can get the Broder hook.. i have the broder racking system but looks like they have discontinued the range?


  2. And only rubber is touching the Carbon bike frame.

  3. 1. It is more stable with a wider frame contact points, can accommodate tail and nose heavy bikes.

    2. Less ikea parts, cheaper.

    3. All metal look if you like that.

  4. Akbar Fazil says:

    @Anonymous, if you look between the two hacks, you will see this newer one uses the bent extension and adds the hooks. This is imo a much better way to hang the bikes that the previous ‘wood’ hanger.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Nice. But erm.. you didn’t really explain how this is necessarily a “better system” to mount the bikes than the earlier hack?

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