Published on February 29th, 2012 | by Jules Yap


Bonsai from Fejka-plants

DIY bonsai

Materials: Two Fejka plants

Description: I took one Ikea Fejka-plant to use as the tree trunk of the bonsai, and leaves from an another Ikea Fejka plant. I bent the branches some and set it into a different pot. I used hotglue to attach the branches with leaves, and some dark gravel to fill the pot.

~ Satu Tarsaranta, Tampere, Finland

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6 Responses to Bonsai from Fejka-plants

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love the idea!! It’s so clever! I bought a (living) bonsai from Ikea but it lost all of its leaves, so now I’m just left with a trunk. I now know how to recycle it! Thanks for the idea.

  2. Saara says:

    Clever! :D

    Siis minähän oon tappanut noita bonsaipuita ihan urakalla. Yksikään ei ole selvinnyt vuotta pidempään elävänä, en tiedä miksi. Tässäpä mulle ratkaisu! :D

  3. moveis says:

    good decoration

  4. Jake says:

    While this is an interesting look, I would feel a little weird living with this Frankenplant.

  5. MrBrownThumb says:

    I clicked on it because I took thought it was going to be a real bonsai. Now I’m just confused. Dear Satu Tarsaranta, I applaud your creativity, but you have a big window for a real plant or bonsai. Why?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Darn, I thought this was going to be a living bonsai. Clever, nonetheless!

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