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Bench for shoes with besta

Bench for shoes with besta

2 Besta double benches, 1 Besta single bench, painted wooden board

We needed a bench for shoes in our hall, so we took the Besta benches, put them on feet and placed them in line. We used the Besta doors and these invisible push-in door openers so there are no annoying handles outside.

Then we painted a wooden board in an ebony colour and placed it on the Besta benches. We didn’t fix it because it’s really heavy – there are just some rubber pinches underneath so that it doesn’t slip when you sit on it.

Put some pillows on it and shoes inside – ready! It took just a few ours. most time we’ve waited for the paint to dry. ;)

See more of the Besta benches.

~ stefi_licious, germany

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11 Responses to Bench for shoes with besta

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I’ve seen some posts online saying that the Besta units aren’t sturdy enough to support someone sitting on them. Have you had an issues with this? Or did you add extra support somehow? Please let me know thanks!

    • stefi b. says:

      sorry, haven’t seen your comment earlier.
      no – we didn’t mount any extra support. we just use the bench to put on or take off shoes. we don’t sit there for a long time. i think most of the weight which you bring on the bench while sitting on it, is absorbed by the wooden board on top of besta frames. so you have a good partition of the force.

  2. TN09 says:

    I really like to your hack! Think you can provide some more details on your hack? Would you have some more pictures you can share?
    The wooden board you used on top, was that also bought at Ikea?

    • sorry, i haven’t seen your comment earlier.
      well, the wooden board on top is from the local hardware store and it was plain. we painted it black. (we actually wanted to buy a countertop from ikea-kitchen-programme but it was too expensive but of course it’s possible to use any kind of wooden board you like.)

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi stefi_licious, love your bench! I want to do something similar but have been told that the Besta’s aren’t sturdy enough to sit on. Have you had any issues with this? Please let me know because I’m very eager to make a bench too! Thanks!

  3. including the top of the bench it’s about 50cm high. it’s a good height for tall adults to sit on it and put shoes on. for shorter people it might be not so comfortable.

  4. Anonymous says:

    What’s the height of the benches with the risers

  5. there is kind of a wooden balustrade behind the bench because there are the stairs down to the basement. they have been brown before (the bungalow was built in 1977) and we just painted it white.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Ryan says:

    Looks great. Congrats.

  8. Caroline says:

    What did you use for the back of the bench?

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