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Published on February 24th, 2012 | by Jules Yap


A Forså of Nature

IKEA Tree branch Forsa lamp

Materials: IKEA Forså lamp, Branches, Wood Sealer+Paint, c:a 5cm slotted rod (of c:a 4mm diameter), Lamp Lead+bulb, Rope, Something heavy, Drill, Hand saw

Description: The main idea of this IKEA Forså work lamp hack is to detach the bendy Lamp Arm from the heavy Lamp Base, and to make use of these bits together with branches to make 2 new hacked lamps (using only 1 IKEA Forså Lamp)…

IKEA Tree branch Forsa lamp
IKEA Tree branch Forsa lamp
IKEA Tree branch Forsa lamp
IKEA Tree branch Forsa lamp

Step 1: Gather some branches

Step 2a.) Drill hole into branch that will get the Forså “Lamp Arm” 2b.) Add the slotted rod/peg to branch that will make use of the Forså “Lamp base”.

Step 3: Apply wood sealer and paint branches in whatever shade you like, I chose white & bright yellow.

Step 4a.) Mount the lamp lead to the branch that uses the IKEA Forså base &

4b.) Mount the “something heavy” to the base of the branch that was attached to the IKEA Forså Lamp Arm. I used a concrete cylinder + a synthetic leather strap. This bit can be varied in numerous ways – I bet you can find a clever way of your own to get the lamp steady.

Step 5: ENJOY! I like this hack since it allows you to make use of local (and mostly free) material and as one IKEA Forså Lamp (or any work lamp) can be used to make two new lamps. The hack is a great way to make an easy yet lasting keepsake from a tree or a place that’s special to you.

Good Luck Hackers – May the Force be with you when tapping into the Forså of nature!

See more of the Forsa lamp.

~ Filippa /, Stockholm, Sweden

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3 Responses to A Forså of Nature

  1. Anonymous says:


    one of the best ikea hacks of all time

  2. Home tips! says:

    I love this idea but cant bear destroying my nickel plated ikea forså,
    Might buy another to do this with!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    So extremely nice…!

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