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The Foldable Udden Desk

The Foldable Udden Desk

UDDEN drawer unit, PAX BALLSTAD closer door, PERFEKT plinth, plus various bits and pieces. Screwdriver, Sandpaper, Saw etc. etc.

Description: This might not be your typical hack that people can try themselves but I hope it will help inspire people to solve their own furniture problems. :)

I’ve been making videoreviews of DVD box sets on youtube for a few years and always filmed my videos on a plain white table. After moving my DVD collection to a much smaller room I came up with the idea of building my own custom-style reviewing table in order to save on space. The basic premise was to design a table that would be somewhat transformable so I could minimize it when I wasn’t using it.

I bought all my items brand new from IKEA and started to build.

I used an UDDEN drawer unit as a small table by adding a sawed off closet door (PAX BALLSTAD) to the top of it (the drawer unit doesn’t come with a top as it’s actually only meant to be hung from a work bench).

Then I used another part of the closet door together with a PERFEKT plinth to make an extended desk that you can fold down when it’s not needed.

And that’s it. A drawer unit, a closet door and a plinth turned into a clever desk.

I also made a video about this project where I talk about the process and show more of it.

~ Oskar Falk, Sweden

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6 Responses to The Foldable Udden Desk

  1. Anonymous says:

    You don’t need fold out legs just door lock/bolts mounted under the desktop that slot into recieving holes each side.

  2. Stfn says:

    Great sollution, mate! :D

  3. Anonymous says:

    Good hack, I would never have thought of an idea like that!

  4. Some ideas for you:

    What you really want to do is cut some openings into the small board on top of the radiator and install a grille. Otherwise your heating costs will go right up. Esp. with the table folded down that radiator is really blocked if you don’t have at least a grille. And if you paint that grille white it won’t be very obvious, either.

    On the left side I’d install some sort of slide-out thingy under the shelf that’s the same height as the desk. So you fold the desk up and then slide out the thingy and you don’t need any leg on the left side. Legs are always a nuisance. That slider should be near the front edge of the table, of course.

    For the right side hmmm… – maybe hinge something to the underside of the desk with the hinge at the right and near the front corner. But hinged so the leg folds along the front edge of the desk (not to the back). And sticks to the underside of the table somehow. Maybe with some magnets or something. So you could fold the table up, slide out the left thingy, then fold the right leg down and to the right. Maybe just another bit of this 16cm board. Actually, since those boards are so expensive it would probably be cheaper to just get a piece of particle board from the hardware store. Over here, white 19mm particle board can be had for about €10-15/m².

    If that leg is flush with the Udden when unfolded and since it would fold sideways it should not collapse by itself. (uh I hope this was in understandable?)

    For the left raw side of the table (and the raw sides of the leg if you buy from the hardware store) you can get some iron-on edge tape if you want. Just ask at the section where they sell the particle board/chipboard.

    • Oskar Falk says:

      Thanks for the tips! I’m thinking more and more towards legs that fold down, maybe like your thought on the right but for both sides (mainly to make it feel more secure).

  5. Anonymous says:

    Brilliant solution!!!

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