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Super-Cool Lego and Train Table

IKEA Lego and train table

Materials: LACK large coffee table, LILLABO train set, Lego Base plate, wood glue and puddy, drill with 1/8in bit, miter box, saw, screw driver, sandpaper, 12 #8 2.5 in screws, 2- 8ft 1x2in wood, paint, spray lacquer, painters tape, newspaper

Description: 1- Cut wood with miter box and saw to fit table top exactly. Sand smooth.
2- Sand table top of LACK table and paint with several coats of green paint.
3-Once paint is dry, sketch the design of the table that you’d like. I used a spice bottle and paperclip box to mark out the helicopter pad and landing strip. The wood was the perfect width to trace for the roads. Remember to leave at least 3 inches around the border so that you can have the train go around the edges. I used painters tape to block it off. Also, enough room for your Lego base plate!

IKEA Lego and train table
IKEA Lego and train table
IKEA Lego and train table
IKEA Lego and train table

4- Apply wood glue to edges of the table top, and bottom of the 1x2s. Place the wood on the table, and pre-drill holes through the wood and tabletop. Screw in the 12 screws.
5-Apply wood putty on all the edges and on top of screws. Allow to dry, and then sand.
6-Assemble table according to IKEA directions. With painters tape, affix newspaper around the table bottom.
7-Paint wood green to match table top.
8-Remove tape from tabletop, and paint your designs onto the table top, following your original sketches.
9-Spray lacquer table top.
10-Affix double sided Velcro to back of the Lego base plate and stick to table. Remove tape and paper.
11-Play with your LILLABO trains and Lego’s!:)

~ Jacqueline, Rockville, MD

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  1. Na says:

    Debora b, this is not the proper forum for this type of discussion.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Jackie, I am sooo!!!! proud of you
    And so is your mother …
    The apple didn’t fall far from the tree.
    WE WANT MORE!!!!
    debora b , houston tx.

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