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Standing Workplace – Triple Lack side-table – Rolling – Dirt cheap

Lack standing desk

Materials: Ikea Lack Side table (3x), Ikea scrap wood, wood glue, 80mm wood screws (16x), drill, 4 wheels

Description: I needed a platform to put my laptop on, while photographing in the studio.

Stacking 2 Lack side tables, was just not high enough, so I decided to shorten the legs on a third table and put wheels under the shortened legs for practical reasons in the studio.

Lack standing desk
Lack standing desk
Lack standing desk
Lack standing desk

Shortening the legs created a problem, because the legs are hollow.
The height of the standing desk is determined here and is of course an individual length.
I’m 2 meters high and the legs are cut at 8 cm. Adding a total of 18 cm including the wheels and tabletop. The height of the standing table is going to be 2x45cm + 18cm = 108cm.
A perfect height for me.

I used both ends of two legs, and filling them up with pieces of scrap Ikea wood that I had lying around from a cupboard. Putting enough glue into the cavities to make it a solid leg again.

After the glue has hardened, all 4 legs need holes in the center for the wheel-pin and double-sided Ikea-screw.

Using the predrilled holes in the underside of the table-top, I screwed each table-top to the legs of the table that is seated on top of the table. Then after the legs are perfectly aligned, I drilled 4×2 pilot holes for the screws that are going to fix the legs to the table underneath. Don’t forget to “sink” the screw-heads into the table or the legs underneath won’t fit.

That’s all.

Cost: 15 euro (3x lack side table) + 4 euro for the 80mm screws. I had some wheels lying around. That will add some cost to the project if you don’t have them.

~ Kenneth Tan, Maastricht, The Netherlands

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2 Responses to Standing Workplace – Triple Lack side-table – Rolling – Dirt cheap

  1. K. Dill says:

    This is interesting. I’m looking for a small island for my small kitchen. This should be perfect! It would also do well in my laundry room and my sewing room.

    Thanks so much for this idea!

  2. Steve says:

    The LACK tables are perfect for this kind of thing. I don’t have wheels on my “stack”, but I do have two white ones stacked that I have printers and scanners sitting on. I just used outdoor double-sided carpet tape to secure the top one to the bottom one. I don’t move the stack around so that’s perfectly secure.

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