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Published on January 12th, 2012 | by Jules Yap


Lego Table – for the big kids

Lego Table - for the big kids

Materials: Vika Amon Tabletop with Moliden underframe – along with several lego plates

Description: In addition to the table you will need 10 large Lego plates – and 4 Lego roadtop pieces. We used a circular saw to cut some of the plates in order to fit the table top.

After the pieces were cut-to fit, we took Lego plates and glued them to the outer edge of the IKEA table – be sure to use a lego brick to attach parts and keep the spacing accurate till it is all glued down. We glued our plates down with Elmers. The middle road section we left un-glued, so the kids could rearrange the road to their heart’s content.

Lego Table - for the big kids
Lego Table - for the big kids
Lego Table - for the big kids

Looking back, our only wish is that we got an IKEA table with removable drawers on it – that would make clean-up even easier.

See more of the Lego table for big kids.

~ Holly Homer, Dallas Texas

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11 Responses to Lego Table – for the big kids

  1. Great idea! I liked the kid versions too. We are not near an Ikea so here’s ours with a similar Walmart table.

  2. Matt says:

    I love the idea, but I would add the drawers and under the roads add holes to the drawers so LEGOS could be easily shoveled in.

  3. majeral says:

    OH MAN i just got back into Legos’ ( kids are grown and gone) lol That sure is cool. do you make house calls? I am in San Marcos Texas

  4. Anonymous says:

    It’s LEGO not Lego…

  5. Anonymous says:

    Cutting lego to fit table….? You got it all backwards!

    Love the loose middle section, great idea.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Nice! Regarding your wish for removable drawers on the table, you could mount some drawers/storage to the underside of the tables by browsing other hacks here. I’m sure I’ve seen some hacks here mounting trofast bins on rails as drawers on the undersides of tables. If you add anything like that, I’d love to see what you end up doing. Thanks for posting this!

  7. Ha I just made a lego table out of a ramvik table, yours is much more “big kid” but I didn’t have access to a table saw – so I had to find a table that would fit bases as is :) Very awesome table

  8. Jacqueline says:

    I love it!:)

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