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Faktum cabinets bed

Materials: 6 Faktum cabinets (2 80X58 cm, 1 30X58, 2 80X37, and 1 30X37)

Description: This is not a very new hack, cause we’ve seen many Malm, Stolmen or Expedit «structures» for beds here but I really can’t remember if I saw some with Faktum kitchen cabinets… ?

We used different depths of Faktum cabinets for this project. When you have small bedrooms, you are looking for any ideas that could provide place for storage, especially in a kid’s room, for both books, games, old clothes, new clothes etc… So, we first thought … Expedit, as often seen here…

But finally we chose Faktum cabinets, and the main idea is to provide a large depth, as deep as the bed in fact.

For that purpose, we put 37 cm depth cabinets BEHIND 58 cm depth cabinets, so that we have a very important place for storage at the bottom of the bed…

We chose 2 cabinets of 80 cm width with a 30 cm width one in the middle.
Then you just have to screw a slatted bed base on the structure, and a mattress, and…that’s it!

We store clothes, quilts (behind), books, games, dolls, etc…it is a revolution when you have few space because of sloping walls !

See more of the Faktum cabinet bed.

~ Marie-H, France, Morbihan

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8 Responses to Faktum cabinets bed

  1. Slatted Bed Bases says:

    This is brilliant! what a great idea for getting the most out space and resources. Thanks, get’s me thinking creatively.

  2. majeral says:

    no kids but I could use that for me !!

  3. Grace says:

    Wow, bless you!! This idea is fantastic, and just what I was looking for – a bunk bed with storage that measures less than 1,8 metres. You are so smart, and you made such a difference to us. :)

  4. Joyse says:


  5. Bravo le rendu est très chouette et fonctionnel

  6. Beate says:

    How does the little girl climb up?

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