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The Besta photobooth

Besta photobooth

Materials: Besta storage cabinet

I’ve been wanting to build an open air photobooth but I’m not much of a handyman. While browsing the IKEA store here, I stumbled upon the Besta Storage with it’s variety of sizes and door finishes.

I knew right then that this would be perfect. I can pile them up on each other to make the booth, and still be able to take them apart to carry inside my SUV.

I choose the High Gloss Red door finish to make it look sleek and stylish. The back side, I used the plain white.

Besta photobooth
Besta photobooth

The top storage house the lighting and camera.
The second storage was for the 19″ monitor and the Third was for the printer and power board.

It isn’t the most polished build (like I said I ain’t so handy with them power tools) but people seem to like the way it turned out.

~ Poch, Adelaide, South Australia

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18 Responses to The Besta photobooth

  1. meadles says:


    Just wondering, do you use this booth you made in a business or was it for a personal event that you created it? If you do use it for a business is there a website I could look at to see more?


  2. William says:

    Hi There,

    This looks great, and im thinking of doing one up.

    I just want to know how you mounted the monitor on to the box?

    Would be great if you can let me know.

    Many thanks,

  3. Betty-Rose says:

    This looks fantastic. I was just wondering what the dimensions of the cabinets are? I’m looking at 2 different ones is this range which are 40cm deep and the others are 20cm deep?

    Any light you can shed would be super helpful!!


  4. OpdeFoto says:

    Currently building a simular photobooth, but i’m using 3 besta storage units of 60cm height. Bottom one is empty ( at location it will be filled with tiles so it has enough weight), the second houses the Sony UP-DR200 printer and the top unit houses the webcam, mini-PC and LED-lightning.

  5. Hmmm wondering how all those people who’ve emailed me are coming along with their own photobooths…would be nice to share/swap ideas…

  6. skellogg says:

    Nice use of IKEA products. If you get a chance can you provide the item name.

  7. Have had lots of people email me about the photbooth, glad you guys are into building one yourself! hope you can email me pictures of your booths too!…

    forgot to add in my replies, the material I used as a light diffuser (top box) was one of those office desk mats.Ideally wanted to use perspex but didnt know where to get em.

    The hole for the camera has a glass cover, that is a lens camera protector from the local camera shop. The silver border around it is actually those things you find on computer desks for cable management. I just remove the flip top cover.

    I’ll try to post more pics when I get the chance. (and if the site will allow).

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  9. bao says:

    What camera do you guys use for photobooth? A webcam doesn’t seems to be good enough. OR is there a webcam with decent pictures?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Been doing the photobooth thing for just over two years now. Use Breeze DSLR Remote Pro for your software along with a low end SLR Canon camera for your best images. Breeze will easily allow you to use Photoshop to create awesome graphics and use them in your booth. Find yourself a nice studio strobe such as the Alien Bees brand as well. This should get you started. Give me a call if you would like to discuss some more about your DIY booth including printer selections. I’ve personally built several myself and have used trial/error and years of field testing to get this combination just right. 302 519.0356

  11. Nice! I have the Besta storage here but its too heavy for me to use as a Photobooth Rental Unit. I love the shiny red door but since my furniture is black, I don’t know if the red will make it look nice.

    The software that’s in the picture above looks like Sparkbooth. It’s about $60 bucks. It’s pretty cool.

    It would be very cool if someone will respond and get back to us. I built my first booth and it was a cool diy thiny. Now, I am looking for a engineer to create a real professional booth for me.

  12. We really want a photo booth for our wedding – but to have one around for birthday parties and just for fun after the big day would be fantastic!
    Yes, please provide technical details if you can! Would totally love to know how to set it all up!

  13. Tom says:

    Looks great! Could you provide some Details on the technical side of your project? What software do you use and how do the people trigger the camera?

  14. Anonymous says:


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