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Published on December 18th, 2011 | by Jules Yap


Three bikes on a Stolmen

IKEA Stolmen bike rack

2 Stolmen telescoping posts, 2 Stolmen clothes rails, 10 Stolmen end fixtures, and 6 Stolmen hooks

Well, I got the idea from this IKEA Hackers post awhile back.

I live in New York City and have three bikes, e.g. the top and bottom one are mine and the middle bike belongs to my lovely girlfriend. I felt the same way as the poster of the Ikea “Stolmen Bike Rack” in regards to a non-ugly bicycle rack, but also needed something for three bikes. Sooooo in all fairness, I just hacked what the Stolmen Bike Rack poster did.

IKEA Stolmen bike rack
IKEA Stolmen bike rack
IKEA Stolmen bike rack
IKEA Stolmen bike rack

We have 10’6″ ceilings so the posts have no problem in their reach. It took awhile to strategically place the hooks to hang the bikes parallel to the ground, but that was the only real challenge. Just follow IKEA’s pictogram instructions for assembly. The beauty of this “hack” is that all the parts and tools come from Ikea, even in the same section of the same aisle! The only components outside of IKEA was the adhesive felt pads for the Stolmen hooks to prevent scratches.

See more of the 3 bike rack.

~ Tony, New York City

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12 Responses to Three bikes on a Stolmen

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes also curious about the damage to the saddle over time from the weight of the bike.

  2. Tom says:

    Are your saddles still OK? I would have thought all the weight resting on a small pointy bit of metal into the saddle material would damage them, but I’d be very pleased to hear that its not a problem.

  3. Monotony says:

    From the poster…

    @ kozerapm- The clothes line was for unquestionable sturdiness. I’ve now used this set up for two years with nary a problem.
    You probably don’t need the clothes lines perse, but now I use them to support two longboards.

  4. tibo says:

    Hi, do you think it would work with only ONE pole + ONE kooh per bike ?

  5. OW says:

    Here’s my two-bike take on the same design:

    The thing is: for two bikes, I don’t think you need the clotheslines as a crossbrace. So long as you can secure the poles into the ceiling, and you’re not accidentally ramming yourself into them, they should be secure (and in any case, if you’re concerned, you can use the wall braces that the Stolmen poles come with).

    Total cost: $60 for 2 poles, $4 for 4 hooks, $5 for 4 center braces. $69 + tax total.

  6. kozerapm says:

    Great idea! Am going to do that. But one question … is the STOLMEN strong enough to keep the bikes hanging?
    I’m a bit afraid that one day mi bike is going to just fall down (want to place it behind my couch, yeah I know strange place but I have really small house no place anywhere else)

    Thanks in advance for your answers
    Greetz from cold Rotterdam

  7. Monotony says:

    Heya! My rack above.
    @Saraj- I’m 5’8″. Getting the top bike could be an exercise in physics, but I just stand a chair. No scratches or marks. To me, it’s worth the bit of exercise to keep the bike off the streets and not a cluster mess inside.
    @Anonymous- You’re right. Also, thanks!
    @Joanna- I hear ya. This current set-up was for cleaning. My lady’s bike is always at bottom.
    @Jill- About $120 something. Not super cheap, but a sacrifice for not super ugly.
    @ O.W.- Exactly. Much heavier bikes go on here too depending on season.

  8. O.W. says:

    Like the design here but why the need for the clothes lines? Strictly to brace the whole thing?

  9. Saraj says:

    Nice! The only problem i can imagine is that people with normal hight would have problems getting the top bike up and down. They would probaly scratch the wall bike and pole. How are ur experiences in that regard?

  10. jill says:

    What was the final cost for this?

  11. Joanna says:

    Hey, I live in NYC and have the same bike as your girlfriend! There’s bike storage in my building but I really struggle to lift that thing up over my shoulders, ackkk. I might try this when I finally move. (Lower for me, high for bf).

  12. Anonymous says:

    All good ideas are usually expansions of something already out there, adjusted for their own needs. Great hack!

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