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Slim Besta Entertainment Unit

Materials: BESTA, INREDA Pull-out frame, INREDA Shelf insert, SNUDDA, Hole borer drill bit

Description: Main objective was to minimise space of all my entertainment equipment. In previous flat I had metal brackets with cut to size shelves to hold all equipment above TV which worked well on the solid wall.But in new smaller flat, its hollow plasterboard walls & doubtful it could hold all the equipment, so had to be free-standing & I decided to use a Besta Wood effect tall unit.

I measures the levels where the shelves were to go to give breathing room to equipment, done w/o TV at 1st as was planning more units to hang on wall over TV. I then measure evenly the holes to drill out & big enough to feed a plug through. Then it was a case of fitting the equipment in & wire it all up & put in its place.

Few months later I found out this wood effect style had been discontinued & couldn’t get any more Besta’s to match, I decided to put TV inside the unit on a pull out drawer & have it swivel so I can watch TV from the PC desk. I used a plank of wood to sit TV on, the bearing mechanism of a SNUDDA lazy susan to swivel the TV. All bolted/screwed onto the INREDA Shelf insert sitting in the INREDA Pull-out frame.

The remaining space is for boxes of knick-knacks using PAPPIS cardboard boxes, which 2 fits lovely on each shelf & I was able to fit 4 with room for power supply at the bottom for all the equipment.

Tho it took a few months to get all of it together, it actually was 2 days work & look great next to the other Besta I was able to get & use as a display cabinet. next stage it to back light the units & then it will all be finished.

~ Wolf Simpson, UK

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3 Responses to Slim Besta Entertainment Unit

  1. peterocc says:

    Wouldnt it have made more sense to put the components in the lower part? Putting them that high would make the Besta unit top heavy and prone to fall.

    Great idea though. Which Besta is that? I’m contemplating doing the same.

    • Wolf says:

      No, I have found that by having the equipment as high as possible reduces the dust build up in them from the floor as well as easier to access by not having to bend down. I myself having to walking sticks, this is an important factor.
      As for style, unfortunately the wood effect I have is no longer available in the UK. Shame as I wanted a load more of them.

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