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Large Format Media Solution

IKEA Large Format Media Solution


Description: I love IKEA’s TV Stand selection. Very simple, functional, and inexpensive… At least for the smaller Home Theaters out there. For those of us with larger TV’s, speakers, gaming systems, set-top boxes, etc. The only solution(s) IKEA have that work get very pricey; not to mention they don’t have the same simplistic feel as the rest of their selection.

So I set out to create a TV stand to house a 51″ Plasma, (2x)Bookshelf Monitors, and multiple Media controllers. And spend roughly $200. Did I mention this would be my very first IKEA hack?

Well, I ended up with this. It is an EXPEDIT Shelving Unit supported by a set of BESTA legs. I used Gorilla Glue and wood srews to mount them. For the raised platform I used a 78″ VIKA AMON table top and CAPITA countertop brackets. This provided to be a perfect fit for the TV and speakers while maintaining a good proportion with the EXPEDIT Shelving unit. The photo is from the day I put it together. The open spaces are currently utilized much better. ;)

It’s got more space than I’ll ever need, it’s design is unique, and I barely spent $200 on it! I could have done even better if I dug around the AS-IS section.

~ Christopher Clemons, FLORDIA

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7 Responses to Large Format Media Solution

  1. Chris Clemons says:

    Gorilla Glue. :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Christopher – I have a similar question as DPOAB. I am making the EXACT same TV Stand as you have described here, but can’t figure out how to attach the CAPITA mounts to the VIKA AMON. I know I can just attach the Capita Brackets to the EXPEDIT through the rectangular surface and use 4 screws and some epoxy glue, but how do I mount the VIAK AMON tabletop on those Capita brackets??

    Please help! Any suggestions would be appreciated.


  3. DPOAB says:

    How in the heck did you get the CAPITA brackets to mount?

    My screw portion wont make it all the way through the top of the EXPEDIT.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Great design! I think I’m going to do this with a solid wood top though (a bit more expensive, but I think it’ll look really nice.) I’ll probably also go with the door inserts for the outer portion of the shelf and paint the doors. I may have to get creative with the feet though to elevate this more for my needs as I’ll be using it more as a sofa table… I was thinking another set of CAPITA brackets, but I don’t know what kind of load they can handle.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Actually, IKEA gives the load for the Expedit only *per shelf* and that is 13kg per shelf already. For the whole structure there is nothing mentioned on their homepage but it would be much more. From experience it is definitely more than 30kg because people regularly use this Expedit as a bench. Ok, on this one the middle shelfs have been removed so it loses some structural support but still… And it wouldn’t sag in the middle either because the Capita legs spread the load of the Amon top + TV to the side of the Expedit. There’s no force pushing down in the middle (apart from whatever he stores in the middle compartment).

  6. Avinuity says:

    I also like IKEA’s TV Stand selection, using head to decorate the house with great ideas of interior designing..

    John Clark

  7. shelf says:

    expedit isn’t strong enough to support this load, it will warp badly over time. IIRC the rating is ~30kg and most AMON tops are >10kg, only 20kg buffer leftover. plus drilling compromises the structure somewhat. if you’re truly unlucky it might even snap. reinforce it or support the TV against the wall or something.

    or just build another one when it breaks, i guess its cheap enough.

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