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Gigantic Expedit-Bookcase

Materials: 6 * 4×4-Expedits, 1 * 4×2-Expedits, 6 * Perfekt cover panels

We live in a 19th century Prussian residential house in the historic city center of Erfurt, a 1270 year old town in central Germany. Our apartment has a ceiling height of 3.5 meters (11.5 feet), and we decided that the library/home office would be perfect for a large bookcase. As big fans of IKEA, a solution based on their furniture was mandatory :-)

Step-by-step guide for our 12×9 Expedit:

1. Build three 4×4-Expedits next to each other without the top plank. Anchor it to the wall.

2. Use the Perfekt cover panels to cut three new shelves to replace the top plank (size: 149cm x 39cm). Drill 10 plunge holes for the wooden dowel pins.

3. Erect the next three 4×4-Expedits without bottom and top plank thereupon. Anchor it to the wall.

4. Repeat Step 2.
5. Cut the side panels of the 4×2-Expedit and horizontal boards to create the top row of the bookcase (height: 33.6cm). Additional plunge holes for the dowel pins are necessary, as well.
6. Attach three top planks to finish the book cases.

~ Thomas Herre, Erfurt, Germany

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Jules Yap

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24 Responses to Gigantic Expedit-Bookcase

  1. Stavros says:

    Hey Thomas,
    really great work! old post but unique construction you have made there.
    thanks for sharing!

    Did you had any problems with the weight? Specially with books or records?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for this idea. I have just rebuilt this in our apartment in Singapore. Took a good afternoon, but defenitly a value for money solution and looks good. Biggest challenge for us was to put in the wooden dowels for the side panels on the last few shelves on the top. We cheated a little and put only one wooden dowel on the top two shelves, that helped to be able to put the side panel on without too much hammering and force.

  3. Tezzcan says:

    When we buy our own house (in forces housing at the mo.) I want a room full of these.

  4. Tina says:

    We are starting our version tomorrow…Luck will be needed :)

  5. Genna Sarnak says:

    I want this….One day maybe. :)

  6. Thomas Herre says:

    We used the PERFEKT ABSTRAKT Cover panel for high cabinet, high gloss cream (US Article Number:
    902.008.82, German Article Number: 502.007.61) and cut them to the needed length and width with a buzz saw.

    Different floor heights were adjusted with wedges and the help of a water-level. The 3 single “towers” are not connected to each other but anchored to the wall after they were aligned to each other.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Nice work…too bad the world is going ebook. You can probably put tons of stuff animals on your shelves.

  8. Heiner says:

    Looks real good!
    Question: What Perfekt Cover Panels did you use? Have you cut them on three sides to make them fit? There seem to be many different Perfekt panels, but I could not find Perfekt Panels in the German Ikea that would fit in width or lengths.
    Didn’t you had Problems (especially in an old house) with differences in the floor hight on such a length? Or have you connected the three “towers” with each other to avoid gaps ?

    Great work!

  9. Anonymous says:

    this is amazing!!!!

  10. Michael says:

    Wow! This is awesome! Love how you really found a good-looking solution instead of just stacking them on top with all the original planks in place!

    Grüße aus Weimar

  11. Anonymous says:

    Well done! I just wonder how the lower shelves can take all the weight of the shelves abowe… Or does it matter?

  12. Anonymous says:

    The use of those cover panels is great.

    One thing I hate about expedit hacks is when people just stack them on top of each other and you have this weird almost 4 inch space that should really just be the same thickness as the shelves–your solution is perfect.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Great. I love this bookshelf.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Brilliant! I want this on both sides of my fireplace…I am so impressed! Sally

  15. Anonymous says:

    Nice job. Visually appealing, particularly how you broke it up with the panels or boxes slightly below center. Super!

  16. Lili says:

    Gigantic indeed! It looks super cool! :-D

  17. Nicole says:

    Ahh…Erfurt, meine Geburtsstadt! :-) Wundervoll…ich liebe solche hohen Bücherregale! Da fehlt jetzt nur noch eine rollende Leiter. :-)

  18. Anonymous says:

    WOW, that’s a big one! Well done :)

  19. Thoreau says:

    Great hack!! awesome!

  20. Bricolando says:

    This is absolutelly fantastic :)

  21. Awesome! And in scale with the room, too.

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