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Cat Protector

Protect plant from cat

Materials: LINDMON jalousie, flat ribbon

Winter time is coming and the garden plants had to move into the house. But this year we’re having a cat, too, and despite a climbing tree I installed between cellar and basement, the cocos palm that got its winter home in our living room was too tempting for our cat. It took only a couple of minutes before Rusty detected it, jumped into the middle of the plant and started biting the leaves. Needless to say you can’t teach a cat not to do this!

We urgently needed a cat protector.

Plant protector
Protect plant from cat
Protect plant from cat

After some thoughts about using plastic pipes or thin brass deco sheets I remembered that there was this LINDMON jalousie with damaged ropes in the attic. Suddenly everything was clear – thanks to a look at the 2012 bamboo calendar from the local Chinese restaurant.

Calculate the diameter/length and add ca. 50cm
Cut 6 lengths of flat ribbon (I took 4 lengths of 6mm width plus 2 lengths of 10mm width)
Tie together in 2 bundles 3 plus 3 at ca. 20cm from one end
Place the bundles on a flat surface, spaced at the distance of the holes in the LINDMON lathes
Place first LINDMON lathe on the ribbons, over 2 under 1
Add more LINDMON lathes, changing the run of the ribbons each time
Knot the ribbons together after placing the last lathe – you have enough surplus here, to tie together start and end to form a closed tube.
Mount around the plant
Watch cat and laugh about its astonishment

~ Mike D, Austria

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6 Responses to Cat Protector

  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    Sivya and GirlRural: really? do you really have cats and you have been able to teach and train them? Ok, lucky you. Not every cat is so malleable… Unpleasant textures and smells, in my experience, have just proven new and funny challenges.
    As for me, “I’d rather get rid of the palm” than bother more than that.

  3. Sivyaleah says:

    I have to agree with above. There is nothing left to see on the tree and I’m sure wrapping the trunk can’t be very good for its health. There are a myriad of items available in pet stores to deflect pets from things you don’t want them to bother. Wrapping the pot with something kitty finds uninviting texture-wise or spraying nearby with an odor they dislike would have probably been effective and the tree would have remained an enjoyable aspect of the room.

  4. Eek, I’d rather get rid of the cat than have to look at that. It’s too messy and leaves almost nothing to enjoy of the tree. We have quite the animal house, but we train the animals, not let them train us.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Non too obtrusive and effective: nice!
    And “Watch cat and laugh about its astonishment” honestly cracked me up : )


  6. Berit says:

    This is great!

    I was also amused to hear that they give those calendars at the Chinese Takeouts in Austria, too! But, I am now wondering how their menus compare to their Americanized US offerings.

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