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SVALA Kids Art Table with Storage

Materials: SVALA Table, Utensil holders, PRESSA hanging dryer

Description: We have had this great Svala table from Ikea for the last few years. The table has served many purposes and was definitely worth the $19.99 price tag. However as the girls are getting bigger I have found that it is hard for them to sit at the table with all their papers and materials and still have room to work. So to solve this problem I found some utensil holders at Ikea that fit perfectly onto the side of the table and are a great storage space for crayons, markers and other materials. To attach the utensil holders I nailed two nails into the side of the table and then slipped the nails through the slats of the utensil holder. I can easily remove the the utensil holders if we didn’t want them there, which is a really nice option.

I love having the art materials right there for the girls to use without taking up all their work space and in a place that they can reach without even getting up, it makes cleaning up super easy! I also wanted to add a place to display art work and dry wet paintings, so I was very excited when I found the Pressa hanging dryer, also from Ikea. I hung it over the table and love how it looks like a chandelier dangling from the ceiling. It has been great and easy way to store wet artwork.

See more of the children’s art table.

~ Katie

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5 Responses to SVALA Kids Art Table with Storage

  1. Anonymous says:

    The table is perfect for drawing materials using my daughters

  2. We use our drying rack for the same thing sometimes! We even game it a name, the kids call it Octavio.

  3. Such an inventive idea, it’s great the fact you have customised the children desk with the cutlery holders.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Brilliant! I love the paper hanger for art over the table, it looks like a chandelier!:) Great job!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Cute! Great Idea!

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