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Something to look at when you lie awake at night

Materials: “Tupplur” Rullgardin – Rolling curtain. Pencil. Paper knife. (Metal) ruler . Large cutting board, or a thick layer of cardboard on your table. Highlighter.

Description: 1. Put the curtain on the table.
2. Scroll to the part that you want to enhance with a cut-out silhouette.
3. Make a sketch of your design on the curtain with the pencil. Don’t forget this: parts of your design that are protruding upwards or sidewards need a connection to another part of the curtain/design to prevent them from falling over or hanging loose.
4. Highlight the parts to be cut out.
5. Cut them out.
6. Hang up the curtain.

See more of the Tupplur art.

~ Kophieps, Netherlands/Sweden

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6 Responses to Something to look at when you lie awake at night

  1. Anonymous says:

    Very inspiring! I fear this is way too exacting work for me to do (I’m inpatient), but I would love to have this depicting the Chicago skyline on 2 side by side windows in our bedroom. Love this.

  2. beetheartist says:

    great great great. I totally love this idea and what you did.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wow it truly and absolutely rocks. Kudos man!

  4. Anonymous says:

    how beautiful! Absolutely love it!

  5. Beate says:

    Oh wie schön! Da macht durchschlafen ja gar keinen Sinn mehr!

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