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Lovely lace jewelry holder

Materials: IKEA SÖNDRUM 26×35 cm frame, IKEA ALVINE SPETS curtain, liquid starch, pliers, scissors

Description: It’s a lovely variation of the picture frame style – earring holders. First of all I pulled the frame to pieces, as I only needed the frame. I pulled out the small metal items with pliers and I cut out a large piece of a curtain. After that I made the textile starched with some liquid starch as only a starched textile is capable to keep the earrings. I let it dry and I cut the textile to the desired length. Finally I fixed the textile at the back of the frame with some glue.

See more of the lacy jewelry holder.

~ Tímea Kosztolányi, Budapest, Hungary

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3 Responses to Lovely lace jewelry holder

  1. marilyn says:

    wow!! what a great idea!! I want to do this!!!

  2. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to make something like this. My friend make a jewelry holder out of an old box and some chicken wire and I love it. I’m going to make this though, looks nicer and seems easy enough.


  3. Chloe says:

    What a simple yet truly elegant solution for storing jewelry. It looks quite simple to make and presumably holds any type of jewelry with a pin. I guess you could even use it for bracelets and the like with a safety pin. I love the fact that it is see through so takes the color of the background wall and so fits in to the décor so easily.

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