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Published on November 17th, 2011 | by Jules Yap


Ikea Mix’n’ Match Studio

Materials: Expedit, Effektiv, Tag Handles, Galant, Grundtal

Description: My husband and I just relocated to Denver. I needed to make an office space out of half of our living room without it being an eye sore. I do alot of sewing so I needed something to hold all my craft supplies. I got two Expedit bookcases, 1×5 cubes, to put on either side of my Galant desk. My husband mounted them to the walls. Then he mounted two 1×8 boards of wood to the top of the bookcases with three brackets in the center to support the weight. We had to use the two boards so it would fit the depth of the bookcases.

We attached three Effektiv cabinets to the top of the boards and mounted them to the walls so they wouldn’t shift around. To add more lighting my husband mounted the Ikea integrated lighting, Grundtal, to the top.

Since the doors in the birch color to the Effektiv cabinets were double the price of the white I opted to buy the white instead. I covered doors in some designer quilt fabrics. I used spray adhesive to glue the fabric down then stapled it to the backside. My husband then attached the Tag handles to the doors. I used an eyelet tool to cut a hole out of the fabric where the handle was going so when my husband drilled it didn’t tear up the material.

Fabric has a tendency to bunch up when being drilled into. The other issue we ran into was the laminate puffed up where the drilling happened. After my husband drilled the holes I used a mallet to press the laminate back down under the fabric so it would lay flat. We attached the doors as per Ikea’s instructions. I’m very happy with how it turned out. Now I have a great looking office.

See more of the mix and match office.

~ Kyle Leandra Kolkovich, Denver, CO

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3 Responses to Ikea Mix’n’ Match Studio

  1. Anonymous says:

    What a great result! I love the way the different patterns complement each other for that quirky, yet clean look. You have a great husband, it looks like he can do just about anything! I too have no personal identity and love sharing stories about little projects that just my husband and me share. I just want him to focus on my needs and not that harlot Bree from the office. I like sewing too and sometimes my husband says he wishes I’d spend more time with him instead of sewing. Did I mention I had a husband?

  2. Anonymous says:

    i have too weak a pc and a connection and am too tired to read, but the problem has an easy solving.
    i am no handy person, and it was my really first work of this kind, but i was able to exit it quite good.
    i punched my white ikea kitchen doors with a tool to mark the spot and not to slip drilling, then drilled with the smallest bit i had from the outside of the doors. then redrilled with the correct bit or just put the handles in their places from the inside (avvitato le viti con l’avvitatore dall’interno).
    other behaviour you need to have with the red doors or drawers ’cause the laminate is different (not smooth, it will burp or break). you don’t have to act from the inside, but only from the outside, drilling with the two different sized bits.


  3. Ari Z says:

    Attaching the fabric was a great idea. It is much more appealing than just stark white cabinets.

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