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Published on November 28th, 2011 | by Jules Yap


How-to: Ledberg Lighting wiring hack

soldering iron, solder, flux, heat shring tubing

The Ikea Ledberg lighting is great but not flexible. All you can do is connect it as one long strip from the package. If you want to connect the strips some distance apart, you have to get creative.

If you are careful you can remove the plastic connector and re solder it to a length of wire to allow the light to be moved and still work as a plug in to the strip. I took my soldering iron and melted the little circular tab about one inch in from the connector block to remove the strip from the plastic case and very carefully un soldered the connector.

I re soldered wire to the light strip and replaced it in the plastic case. If you re heat the original tab, it will hold the strip in place. I then re soldered the connector onto the wire and covered the connections and connector with heat shrink tubing. Be careful to match the polarity of the wire when re doing the connections. You can add as much wire as you need and place the light strips wherever you want.

~ John B, Fort Lauderdale, FL.

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10 Responses to How-to: Ledberg Lighting wiring hack

  1. Neil says:

    The biggest problem with these is that they don’t really fit into some IKEA furniture. I bought them for the Billy bookcase but they’re about 30mm too long. Some hacking of the length needed.

  2. Edee says:

    Hey I have a question about these lights. I just want to attach them to the back of my TV as is but I can’t screw into the TV for the brackets included. I tried to use the scotch remove able tapes but the didn’t hold. Any ideas?

  3. French Young Man says:

    hi everybody,the LEDBERG Kit is very nice to see, easy to install until 6 Strips.
    I got something to ask, do you thing that is possible to cut a strip ?

  4. Ian D says:

    I was happy with the inline part, but I found the power supply to be less than perfect – it causes hum on a battery FM radio and the LEDs flickered a little sometimes.
    So I cut off the Ikea power brick-ette, and added an old 12V 5A Laptop power brick – I plan to run 2 or 3 Legburgs off of that, each with its own switch still attached.
    The LEDs have been rock steady since then, and I can listen to the radio ok now.

  5. Béla Bartha says:

    I connected 6 pieces from Ledberg. And it works:D If you want longer you should test it. But I think its easilly cann works.

  6. Unknown says:

    Hi – I have the exact same questions as the poster above? Can I connected 3 mroe strips making it 6 strips long running off of the one transformer/plug? Can I go higher to maybe 10? I have a 55″ TV, and I’m trying to figure out how to run it at the top and bottom and sides, all off of one switch and not 4 seperate ones. Any help?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hi. Was given a set of these strip LEDs and had another question? I want to use these strips in my bookcase which is 8 feet wide. Wondering whether if I can connect more than the 3 strips of LEDS together to make a longer strip? Unfortunately there is no technical info on the pack of lights so I have no idea.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I had a similar idea, to use the strips seperately and not as a chain.

    But in my version of Ledberg it’s not necessary to melt the little pin to remove the LED-strip from the casing. I just used a tiny screwdriver to push the pin into the casing and pulled it out together with the LED-strip. I then removed the pin from the strip and reused it to lock the strip in the casing when i was finished.

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