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Published on November 6th, 2011 | by Jules Yap


Hacker help: Any Ideas on how to replace utby structure?

Materials: Utby

Description: Hi, I really need your assistance! I made a project for my kitchen, I have an old marble table 120cm*60cm (weight 60kg) and I wanted to use it over an utby structure to do a “bar zone” with stools in my kitchen. Unfortunately here in Italy they told me that the utby structure has some “production problems” and it will not be available for 3 months or more…So I really need an idea to replace utby structure. The final result should be at least 100cm in height and also resistant to withstand a weight of more than 60kg.

I trust in your inventiveness, please help me!

~ Matteo Tagliaferri, Italia

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11 Responses to Hacker help: Any Ideas on how to replace utby structure?

  1. Anonymous says:

    se vuoi rimanere su ikea, puoi forse provare a prendere due mezzi billy oppure un expedit 4×4 tagliato per divenire 4×3 (il 2×2 è 80 cm).
    o 2,5x 4 volendo…. ti escono due buchi grandi e uno più piccolo in alto.
    altra possibilità, mobili faktum di tua scelta, con le loro gambine da 16 cm circa.

    consiglio: se il marmo viene fissato al muro, non fare come ho fatto io con la cucina a cui ho aggiunto il top in okite. prima di siliconare il top, metti il battiscopa!!!!

    altra opzione: http://www.ikea.com/it/it/search/?query=carrello un carrello a tua scelta. forse forhoja o bekvam sono più adatti, anche se non raggiungono la misura in altezza: sembrano poter reggere il peso di un marmo (bekvam sono abbastanza sicura che 60kg li regge, ce l’ho a casa e mi pare solido a sufficienza)


  2. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps a metal stand for an aquarium? They are made to support quite a lot of weight, so you would just have to find the one that has the correct dimensions.

  3. Anonymous says:

    the Vika byske leg will not withstand the weight…it is a twist-to-your-desired-height kept in place only be friction.

    try have your slap of marble on a sideboard like Norden or Expedit instead.

  4. If you are in northern Italy you could consider a trip to Klagenfurt, Austria. There’s an IKEA there. Check ikea.at to see if they have the Utby in stock.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Have you looked for a used one for sale?

  6. Eleanor says:

    The Byske legs are probably the best choice — the Moliden legs and Galant T-legs are better, I think, but not tall enough. If the height is negotiable I’d look at them, though.

  7. Anonymous says:

    assuming they are available locally, would these legs work for you?
    VIKA BYSKE Leg, chrome plated
    if neccessary you could add
    VIKA AMON table top
    or you might have to hack some other wood into your solution

  8. Anonymous says:

    If you don’t mind materials, the Varde modules in wood woul suit your need

  9. Katharina says:

    i don’t know… but is it possible that the cheapest solution would be to have it send from another country? like.. buying it in germany and sending it to italy?
    example: 99€ utby from ikea germany, dhl shipping costs 30€ when buying the parcel label online….?
    it is not a hack but it may be the easiest way ;)

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